Infamous monster

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An "Infamous monster" refers to a specific class of recruitable monsters found in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.


Prior to the 3DS port of VIII, the infamous monsters were the only beasts that would appear on in the field, with all other foes appearing in random encounters. Many monsters would be tucked away in far corners of the regions they dwelt in, though some didn't stray far from the main roads for easy ambushing. In either case, they walk a set path until the party draws near.


After completing the trials Morrie set for the player, any infamous monster bested in battle will rise from the ground and admire they party in respect. Here, the game will ask if they player wants to add the monster to their roster. Only three may be recruited in the beginning, and nine after completing rank B of Morrie's monstrous pit.

Raising monsters[edit]

Monsters do not need to be summoned into battle to gain experience points; their growth is dependent entirely on the Hero's level.

HP MP Experience Gold
88~193 15~32 46 17
Attack Defense Speed
58~154 50~190 33~321
Locations Ascantha
Family Bodkin archer
Description Growth levels are 8~96