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The Baccarat Region is a region that appears in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King that consists of the northern section of the western continent.

The player can visit as soon as the ship is acquired.



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Baccarat is the home of Mr. Golding, who runs the Casino, one of the descendants of the Seven Sages, and the adoptive father of Cash and Carrie. The party journeys here on the trail of Dhoulmagus. The casino closes due to the death of Golding, but can be reopened later either by helping Cash and Carrie, or will reopen by itself later in the game.

Chateau Felix[edit]

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A zoo and wildlife sanctuary dedicated to Great sabrecats that is run by Master Felix. After completing a sidequest, the party can obtain the Baumren's bell, which will allow fast travel on the overworld by summoning a rideable great sabrecat.

Seaview Church[edit]

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This church is a resting place that was originally built for pilgrims, but will allow any travelers to spend the night for free. In the original Sony PlayStation 2 version, there is a seer who will inform the player how many more skill points it will take for a character to learn a new skill.

Le Club Puff-Puff[edit]

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A place for travelers regardless of gender to be given the Puff-Puff treatment. Though it is in the Baccarat Region[1], the path via walking requires going through Eastern Argonia. One must also have the Ultimate Key to enter.


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Infamous monsters[edit]


Item Location
1,200 gold coins Northernmost point of continent, requires Thief's Key.
Fresh milk Cow near Seaview Church.
Tough guy tattoo Northern wall outside of Seaview Church, requires Thief's Key.
800 gold coins Northeastern section below river south of Seaview Church.
Seed of defence Below southernmost river near mountain range, requires Thief's Key.
Seed of agility South of southernmost river near hills.
Mini medal Southern coast before entering Argonia region, requires Magic Key.
Yggdrasil leaf Found at dawn near the Tree of Styx east of Baccarat, once per day only if no Yggdrasil leaf is in the player's inventory.
Prayer ring Requires Thief's Key to open.

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  1. Resuming from an autosave refers to the outside as the Baccarat Region.