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Dragon Quest VIII
Japanese name ユッケ
Romaji Yukke
Title Mistress
Bickering Brats from Baccarat
(with Cash)
Race Human
Age 20s
Family Cash (brother)
Mr. Golding (adoptive father)
Voice actor Yûko Hara (Japanese)

Carrie (ユッケ, Yukke) is a character from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King who hails from the town of Baccarat.

She is the adopted daughter of Mr. Golding along with her brother, Cash. After their foster father was murdered by Dhoulmagus, the two of them have a quarrel over who is his true heir, and ask the Hero and his party to help them in a task to see which one is worthier of inheriting Golding's fortune.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Carrie is a young woman with blue eyes, freckles on her nose, and long light green hair with bangs that cover the left side of her face and a curly ponytail worn in a hairband down her back. On her ears, she wears small silver hoops. She wears a red and gold tunic with rounded short sleeves and green bows, as well as a black ascot on her chest. Around her waist, she wears a purple corset laced with ribbon. She also wears purple and gold bracelets, black shorts, and brown boots with short heels.

In the English version of the game, Carrie speaks in a stereotypical "Valley girl" accent. She is extremely competitive with her brother and she has a forceful, tomboyish personality. The townspeople of Baccarat state that the two of them used to get along like peas in a pod, but they eventually began to compete for their father's attention as they got older. Carrie is used to getting her own way and treats the party as her own personal servants if they agree to act as her bodyguards during the trial.

If the player agrees to help out Carrie, she demonstrates her true love and devotion to her brother in the depths of the Dragon Graveyard when she tries to protect him from monsters. The two of them have a change of heart when they decide to put aside their petty squabble and agree to equally inherit their father's fortune and fulfill the wishes of his ancestor. Afterwards, the siblings resolve to work together and run the casino better than ever before.


Both Carrie and her brother Cash were adopted by Mr. Golding when they were babies, making it unknown to either of them which is actually the older sibling. The two were originally wards of the church, but eventually Golding adopted the two of them and raised them as his own children.

After Golding's death at the hands of Dhoulmagus, the siblings hire a band of adventurers to track him down at the Dark Ruins and avenge his death. However, the group is unsuccessful as they cannot enter due to a magical aura preventing anyone from entering. The two were originally keeping Golding's death a secret, but after Dhoulmagus's defeat at the party's hands, everyone in Baccarat finds out about it.

In an optional sidequest, the party pays a visit to Golding's mansion after the events at Arcadia and learn about the quarrel over his inheritance. Cash and Carrie are looking for bodyguards to accompany them on a trial to the Dragon Graveyard to determine which sibling will be the worthy heir. The two explain the situation to the party and agree to hire them, giving them the choice of which sibling to back, while the other sibling takes staff from the mansion to act as their bodyguards. Regardless of which sibling the player picks, the resolution will still turn out the same in the end.

The two serve the party dinner and allow them to spend the night at the Golding mansion as guests before leaving for the Dragon Graveyard at dawn the next day. If the player picked Carrie, they find out that Cash secretly had the maid put sleeping powder in her and the party's meals so that they would oversleep the next day, allowing him to reach the dungeon before them in the morning. An indignant Carrie gives the party time to get ready and tells them to meet her at the entrance to the Graveyard.

The party journeys into the dungeon with Carrie in tow, running into the adventurers the siblings originally hired to defeat Dhoulmagus serving as his bodyguards scattered throughout. Cash decided to abandon them when they got injured, but he goes on anyways and will likely be the winner of the trial. The group reaches the end of the dungeon where Cash is cornered by a pair of powerful monsters. Carrie thinks that this is just another of her brother's ruses, but steps in and tries to protect her brother when she realizes he really is in danger, getting knocked out in the process.

After the monsters are defeated, Cash believes that his sister died protecting him and vows to make her proud by running the casino. However, at that moment, Carrie suddenly wakes up and punches her brother, revealing that she's still alive. Cash says he doesn't care about the contest anymore and agrees to let Carrie be the sole heir since he simply wanted her to respect him as an older brother. At the Doors of Judgement, the siblings realize that one can't enter the chamber alone and thus agree to open the doors together and split the fortune. Opening the doors burns the mark of the Golding clan on their hand and they have an audience with their ancestor. Even though Cash and Carrie aren't related by blood to Golding, they agree to put aside their sibling rivalry and run the casino successfully.

Back at Baccarat, the siblings show off their marks to the townspeople and announce that they will be splitting their father's fortune equally and reopening the casino the next day, earning them cheers and applause. The two invite the party to spend the night again at their mansion and give them a gift of 600 tokens as a reward for helping them with the trial.

In the Nintendo 3DS version, she and Cash participate in the new Rank X of the Monster Arena, where they are described as the Bickering Brats of Baccarat. Their team, named Double or Nothing, consists of a Goodybag, a Bone baron, and a Gold golem.


Cash and Carrie's names are based on the phrase "cash and carry", a financial term in which consumers pay for goods with their own currency and leaves with the purchased items instead of having them delivered.