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Dragon Quest VIII
Japanese name Forg
Romaji フォーグ
Title Master
Bickering Brats from Baccarat (with Carrie)
Race Human
Age 20s
Family Carrie (sister)
Mr. Golding (adoptive father)
Voice actor Charles Rubendall (English)
Atsushi Abe] (Japanese)

Cash (フォーグ, Fōgu) is a character from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King who hails from the town of Baccarat.

He is the adopted son of Mr. Golding along with his sister, Carrie. After their foster father was murdered by Dhoulmagus, the two of them have a quarrel over who is his true heir, and ask the Hero and his party to help them in a task to see which one is worthier of inheriting Golding's fortune.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Carrie is a young man with blue eyes, freckles on his nose, and short blue hair with an undercut and two locks that frame his face. His bangs mirror his sister's by covering his right eye. He wears a red and gold tunic with long sleeves and rounded shoulders, as well as a black ascot on his chest. He also wears a brown belt around his waist, black tight fitting pants, and brown boots.


Both Cash and his sister Carrie were adopted by Mr. Golding when they were babies, making it unknown to either of them which is actually the older sibling.

In the Nintendo 3DS version, he and Carrie participate in the new Rank X of the Monster Arena, where they are described as the Bickering Brats of Baccarat. Their team, named Double of Nothing, consists of a Goodybag, a Bone baron, and a Gold golem.