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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VIII
Japanese Name イシュマウリ
Rōmaji Ishumauri
Title Keeper of Moonshadow Land
Race Spirit
Age Unknown

"Your clothes, houses, tables and chairs... The sky, the land... They too remember each passing day."

Ishmahri is the keeper of the Moonshadow Land in Dragon Quest VIII.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ishmahri is a feminine looking man with long blue hair, blue eyes, and pointed elven ears. He dons a beige dress with an orange collar, and a blue half robe over it with night sky themed designs on the edges. He wears an orange sash around his waist, and tan sandals on his feet. Around his neck is a long silver necklace, and around his forehead is a circlet of the same silver with a single blue stone dangling off the front.

Ishmahri is a quiet, reserved and sage man who is always seen with his harp. He possesses the ability of clairvoyance.


The party meet Ishmahri twice in the game. In Ascantha, the party are sent by a maid named Emma from the castle on a 'diversion' to find Ishmahri in order to heal King Pavan's broken heart. They then lead him to King Pavan, where Ishmahri creates past images of the late Queen Sasha by playing a melody on his harp.

The party later meets him while in Cursed Trodain, and ask him to help them cross the ocean. Ishmahri states that he can reawaken the memories of the ocean that once existed, but that they must retrieve the Moonshadow Harp from Ascantha after his harp breaks. Once it is retrieved, Ishmahri reawakens the land's memory, with the help of Medea's voice.

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