Moonshadow harp

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The Moonshadow harp is a key item in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.


When The Hero and party visit Ishmahri for a second time in hopes of gaining the use of a ship they found on land, his harp breaks. In order to help the party, Ishmahri needs the Moonshadow harp.

As they look around for information, Marcello and Brains (from Pickham) mention to them that the harp is likely in the Castle of Ascantha. Upon arriving there, King Pavan informs the party that the harp is indeed in the castle as it is a family treasure, but is grateful for their help from before. He leads the party to the treasury, only to find that all possessions were stolen, with a tunnel having been dug under the castle.

The Hero and party investigate the theft and eventually finds the thief, Don Mole, is using the harp to perform some songs. They manage to defeat him and obtain the harp for Ishmahri.


A royal treasure from Ascantha that contains some sort of mysterious power.[1]