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Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest VIII 3DS King Pavan Mourning.jpg
Japanese name パヴァン
Title King
Race Human
Family Sasha (wife†)

"...At last, I've finally awaken from my long and terrible nightmare."

King Pavan is a character in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and the ruler of Ascantha.


King Pavan has ruled the country of Ascantha for sometime, and was respected by his people. He eventually married Sasha who became Queen of the country and was important enough to him that her passing away left an impact.

Pavan went into mourning soon after with the residence of the castle and town following along, only for him to be unable to move on even two years after her death.

This changed after the arrival of Hero and party during their quest to find Dhoulmagus. The party observe the current state of the kingdom and eventually meets Paven's maid Emma. She directed the party to her grandparents' residence nearby the Riverside Chapel. From there, they meet Ishmahri, who is able to allow Pavan to see Sasha one more time.

Following the event, Pavan snapped out of his depression and brought an official end to the mourning of his former wife. He felt indebted to the Hero and party and told them to return if they need a favor from him.

The party eventually took Pavan up on his offer as they sought the Moonshadow harp (after gaining info from Kalderasha and Marcello). Though he stated that it's family heirloom, Pavan agrees to give them the harp, only to find it and the other castle treasures stolen. Despite his insistence on letting his guards find the thief, the party manage the task themselves.

After the return of Rhapthorne, Pavan upon doing some studies found the recipe for the Princess's robe and passed the info to The Hero upon his visit to the castle.

Two months following the defeat of Rhapthorne, Pavan and Emma are invited to the wedding being held at Savella Cathedral.