List of characters in Dragon Quest VIII

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This is a list of characters in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

Party Members[edit]

Seven Sages[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

  • Kalderasha: An out-of-work fortune teller. The loss of his fortune-telling skills is what sets into motion the Hero's first quest. The 3DS version of the game sees him presenting Dhoulmagus' original after the party defeats the boss of Arcadia
  • Valentina: Adopted daughter of Kalderasha. She pleads with the Hero before he leaves Farebury to assist her in regaining her father's clairvoyant powers.
  • Bangerz and Mash: Two boys who help Jessica Albert to keep Alexandria safe. Though they are suspicious of the Hero and Yangus upon arrival, they don't take too long to trust the party.
  • Lorenzo: Son of the Argonian Chancellor and fiancee of Jessica Albert, though the latter doesn't return his enthusiasm of their relationship.
  • Princess Minnie: Daughter of the Medal King. As her father has grown weak, she takes it upon herself to collect Mini medals from the party and reward them after given a certain amount. Resides in the Medal King's Palace.
  • Marcello: Angelo's brother who became Abbot after the previous Abbot's death.
  • Ishmahri: Inhabitant of the Moonshadow realm. Briefly joins the party for a while upon dealing with matters in Ascantha.
  • Prince Charmles: Prince of the Kingdom of Argonia. The party has to help him during the royal initiation to secure an artifact for their mission. mostly unlikeable because of his over-cockiness and cowardly nature.
  • Clavius: Ruler of the Kingdom of Argonia and father of Prince Charmles.
  • Eltrio was a Prince of Argonia, and the elder brother of Clavius, who became King of Argonia when Eltrio could not be found to ascend to the throne.
  • King Pavan: King of Ascantha. He was sent into a severe depressive episode for two years when his beloved wife Sasha passed away. The mystical powers of Ishmahri were able to awaken vivid memories of his time with Sasha, which finally ended the extended mourning period of Ascantha.
  • Sasha: Former Queen of Ascantha before she was inflicted with a fatal illness and passed away. For two years Pavan mourned her death before his memories of her were brought before him in an otherworldly visage.
  • Emma: Maid who serves King Pavan of Ascantha. She served him faithfully, especially during his period of mourning Sasha, even helping the Hero and party to eventually find their way to Wisher's Peak to seek Ishmahri's help to bring her king out of his depression. By the time the party seek the Moonshadow harp, Emma spent time off from duty to visit her grandparents who live across the bridge from the Riverside Chapel.
  • Dominico
  • Rydon: Sculptor who lives in Arcadia. Rydon's Tower is named after him, a spire that he supposedly constructed all on his lonesome. He informs the party that the Kran Spinels passed out of his family's possession when Alexandra married into the Albert family.
  • Marta: An old herb doctor from the Orkutsk mountains who beared the blood line of one of the Seven Sages. She was killed by Sir Leopold outside her cottage.
  • Cash: Adopted son of Mr. Golding and brother of Carrie. He inherited the Baccarat casino after his foster father's death along with his sister, with whom he often fights with.
  • Carrie: Adopted daughter of Mr. Golding and sister of Cash. She inherited the Baccarat casino after her foster father's death along with her brother, with whom she often fights with.
  • Xia: Dragovian woman and the daughter of the elder Chen Mui. Xia passed away long before the Hero and his party arrived at the Dragovian Sanctuary.
  • Chen Mui: A Dragovian elder who greets the Hero and party as they enter the Dragovian Sanctuary.


  • Dhoulmagus: A thief who stole a cursed staff, then got possessed by Rapthorne.
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  • Evil Jessica: Becomes possessed by the staff, shortly after Dhoulmagus is defeated.
  • Sir Leopold: Pet of the sorcerer Dominico of Arcadia. Another victim possessed by the staff.
  • Rhapthorne: A evil demon who is trapped in a staff. Is manipulating events for the purpose of freeing himself.


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