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Eltrio and Xia. Cropped screen capture from Dragon Quest VIII.

Xia is a character in Square Enix's Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Xia was a Dragovian left the Dragovian Sanctuary to visit the world of the humans. During her time there, she fell in love with a human named Eltrio, who happened to be the crown prince of Argonia. During their time together, he presented her with an Argon ring, containing the heart of an Argon lizard.

Xia's father Chen Mui eventually arrived to bring her back to the Dragovian Sanctuary as both Dragovians and humans weren't allowed such relationships with one another.

Xia's suffered further heartbreak upon learning that Eltrio died shortly during his attempt to travel to the Dragovian Sanctuary to reunite with her. She continually neglected to take care of herself until learning that she was pregnant with Eltrio's child and wanted to keep the child despite objection from the other Dragovians.

Xia's child was born, but she didn't survive the delivery of the baby. Chen Mui had her buried with Eltrio, in part to atone for keeping them separated. He also took the form of a mouse, so that he could keep watch over the now orphaned child.

Years later, her child, upon defeating the Lord of the Dragovians was given the Argon ring she kept by Chen Mui as he felt she would want him to have it.