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Dragon Quest VIII
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Title King
Race Human

Clavius is a king of Argonia, a kingdom in Dragon Quest VIII.


Clavius became king when his older brother Eltrio renounced his claim to the throne and disappeared. With this, Clavius was forced to fulfill the promise of peace left by his older brother, which was to wed his son with the daughter of the kingdom of Trodain. His son, Prince Charmles, is spoiled and selfish, something that greatly disappoints Clavius to no end.

He originally asks The Hero to help his son get the Argon hearts after defeating Argon lizards in the trial (which is a rite of passage for all heirs to the Argonian throne). He almost finds pride in his son, until he witnesses Charmles trading the Argon heart he obtained with a larger, fake one.

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In the original ending of the story, he scolds the Prince for his deception after the Hero and his friends crash the wedding and rescue Medea from his clutches. However, in the special ending, which can be obtained by completing the Dracovian Trials and learning that the Hero is the son of Eltrio, thereby making him Clavius' nephew by birthright. The hero can then reveal his lineage on the eve of Charmles and Medea's wedding, and although he wishes he could he can't make the Hero the new prince, the pact is indeed sealed after long last. As the Hero and Medea depart as newlyweds, Clavius berates his son Charmles for his shameful behavior and constant misdeeds.