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Dragon Quest VIII
DQ VIII Android Prince Charmles.jpg
Japanese name チャゴス
Romaji Chagos
Title Prince
Race Human
Family King Clavius (father)
Eltrio (uncle)
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Hero (cousin)
Medea (possible cousin-in-law)
Jessica(possible cousin-in-law)

Prince Charmles is a character in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.


Prince Charmles is the only son to King Clavius (current King of Argonia), and due to a promise between the Kingdom of Trodain & Argonia, is in an arranged marriage with Princess Medea. Though he tends to remind people that his name is pronounced "Charm-Lay", most pronounce it as "Charm-Less".

He is deathly afraid of lizards which is quite ironic considering his home is Argonia named after the Argon lizard which needs to be hunted to prove rightfulness to the throne. The party first met him in an incident at Castle Argonia when the prince refuses to leave his room. He is flushed out by Munchie climbing into a wall and pushing a lizard through a crack in the ceiling. The lizard then falls on the princes head and he starts to scream like a child.

Charmles after some persuasion (in regards to how completing this task will gain him credibility with the kingdom) agreed to take part in the initiation and travel to the Royal Hunting Ground with the party escorting him. Hero and company help in defeating three lizards (though Charmles flees during each fight), only for the prince to be unpleased with the Argon hearts obtained from each one. He mentions wanting to pursue a bigger lizard in hopes of getting a larger heart, and with that, both him and the party camp for the night.

The next morning, Charmles tried to ride the cursed Medea only to be kicked off. He was about to discipline her, only for Trode to insist the be the recipient of the beating. Before anything else can happen, Yangus arrived to mention sighting of a Great Argon Lizard.

The party engaged in battle with it, with Charmles taking off again, though the Great big Argon heart is won. Later, however, The Prince purchased an even larger Argon Heart from a merchant at the bazaar in Argonia and presented it as "proof" of his victory (unaware that the party told Clavius the truth shortly after).

Ending 1[edit]

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Six months after the defeat of Rhapthorne, the wedding between Charmles and Medea is set to occur. Upon her arrival, The Prince informed the party that they aren't allowed to attend as they are commoners. Later on, The Hero (with help from his party) interfere with the wedding as they know that Medea dreaded the marriage herself and succeed in getting her away.

Charmles demands that the soldiers go after them, only to be reprimanded by Clavius for not going after his own bride himself. His father took that time to revealed that he knew about the ill-obtained Argon heart.

Ending 2[edit]

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Due to obtaining the Argon ring, The Hero proved that he is a descendant of the former Prince Eltrio & nephew of Clavius (making both him and Charmles cousins). As such, he was permitted into marrying Medea instead of Charmles.