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Dragon Quest series character
Jessica Albert
Dragon Quest VIII
Jessica Albert.png
Japanese Name ゼシカ・アルバート
Rōmaji Zeshika Arubāto
Title Lady
Class Mage
Race Human
Age 17
Voice Actor Emma Ferguson (English, PS2)
Jaimi Barbakoff (English, Heroes/3DS)
Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese)

Jessica Albert is a character originally introduced in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. She later appeared in Itadaki Street Special, Fortune Street and was one of thirteen playable characters in Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below.

A girl from a good home, Jessica comes from a wealthy family in the small village of Alexandria. However, contrary to her upbringing, she is unskilled in the social niceties and expected behaviour of her environment, which often leads to conflict with her mother. She joins up with the Hero for personal reasons, strengthening the party with her flair for offensive magic. A definite firebrand, Jessica is nothing like her mother, who expects her to be prim and proper in public.

Magic is far from Jessica's only strength; she is also an outstanding fighter. Whips, staves, knives, and later swords are her weapons of choice.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Jessica has red hair in a form of long pigtails with a few strands of it hanging over her face. She wears a purple blouse with sleeves starting at the upper part of her arm. She has a yellow, corsette-like, article of clothing around her stomach and waist which has a auburn belt around it that a small pouch hangs from. She has a long, maroon colored skirt that has a white frill at the bottom. You can see that she has brownish-black tights under the skirt, and pointed, brown shoes, in which the tights are tucked into.

Jessica possess a sharp tongue, and has a knack for seeing through people. She is a very stubborn and at times aggressive young woman, though her intellect keeps her from making rash decisions. This same wisdom gives her immense skill in the magical arts, learning several spells after only studying for a short period. Due to recent events afflicting the Albert family, Jessica has a slight difficulty in trusting others. This is reflected in the time it takes for her to properly join with the Guv and Yangus, and the prolonged friction between herself and Angelo. Once a person has proven their sincerity, however, Jessica becomes much more jovial and approachable around them.


Jessica's appearance changes when she equips certain armor, such as:

Appearance Outfit Name Description
Jessicadq1.jpg Jessica's home attire This is the outfit Jessica is first seen wearing when meeting her, a prim piece that alludes to the Albert family's social standing. This is Jessica's only outfit that doesn't show off her mature curves. She has a white dress shirt with a red tie. Her skirt is long and black.
Jessicadq0.jpg Jessica's default clothing This is Jessica's regular clothing, first donned after she vacates the Albert mansion.
Jessicadq2.jpg Dancer's costume This outfit consists of a white bra, and a reddish-orange skirt tied off at the hip.
Jessicadq3.jpg Bunny Costume This outfit appears when Jessica wears the Bunny suit, Bunny ears, and Fishnet stockings at the same time. The result is a black Playboy Bunny outfit. If Jessica has only one or two of the garments equipped, King Trode will demand that the player finish the set on the Battle Records screen.
Jessicadq4.jpg Magic bikini This outfit has low defense but increases Jessica's magic greatly. This outfit is a blue and yellow bikini with a miniskirt-like article of clothing around her waist.
Jessicadq5.jpg Dangerous Bustier The only purpose of this outfit is to use it in the Alchemy Pot to make the Divine Bustier. And for a little bit of eye candy. It is black with a open slash in the front which is laced to keep from falling apart. It straps around the back and and the part covering her rear is shaped like a heart.
Jessicadq6.jpg Divine Bustier Jessica's best outfit. It increases her evasion and defense greatly. She has a purple, low-cut bustier that is tied off to a choker, both with golden wing decorations. In the middle of the corset is a gold lacing that shows her skin, but can look like a zipper if not examined closely. The back has gold lacing similar to the front. She has a miniskirt attached to the blouse, but most of her legs are covered by white, decorated with purple and gold, tights that are attached to the bustier by a garter. She wears long, white gloves with a similar decoration as her tights. She has wings (strictly for style) on her back and her pigtails are tied with purple hairbands with gold decorations. This whole outfit strongly resembles the Staff of resurrection.


Jessica is introduced after The Hero and Yangus reach the top of the Tower of Alexandria, mistaking the two as the murderers of her brother, Alistair, who was in truth slain by Dhoulmagus. After witnessing a vision of her brother's demise and learning it was the evil jester, she has a change of heart and resolves to avenge her sibling. However, her mother initially refuses, causing a falling out between the two. After joining the group and traveling to the Maella Abbey, Jessica plays a key role in wringing in the flirtatious Angelo. Later on, after destroying Dhoulmagus, Jessica retrieves the scepter of Rhapthorne and is suddenly possessed by its dark power. After a difficult battle, Jessica is freed from the staff's influence, and relies the truth about the party's real enemy. At the end of the story, Jessica has reconciled with her mother and informs the player of what has transpired after the defeat of Rhapthorne.

Warning: Spoilers
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It's strongly implied that Jessica harbors feelings for the Hero, but appears to accept that he is in love with Princess Medea. In the 3DS remake of the game, the player is given the choice of pursuing a relationship with Jessica or Medea. As with the marriage to Medea, in order to have The Hero marry Jessica, the Argon ring must be obtained.

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 9 99
HP 41 683
MP 22 726
Strength 11 306
Agility 26 289
Resilience 9 181
Wisdom 25 556
Initial gear Leather whip, Wayfarer's clothes, Hairband
  • Jessica also possesses a 20% resistance to wind and grapple/rock damage, and full immunity to an enemy's Puff-Puff. Unfortunately, she has no innate resistance to status ailments.



Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 4 -- -- Increase attack +5 when equipped with a dagger. --
Toxic Dagger 3 9 One Yes Jessica stabs the enemy at half strength, poisoning them. Yes
Attack +10 -- 15 -- -- Increase attack +10 when equipped with a dagger. --
Assassin's Stab 8 22 One Yes Jessica stabs the enemy with her knife/sword; 1/8th chance to kill them instantly Yes
Equip Swords -- 30 -- -- Enables Jessica to equip swords --
Critical Hit Up -- 40 -- -- Increases chance of critical hit with daggers/swords to 1/32. --
Attack +20 -- 52 -- -- Increase attack +20 when equipped with a dagger/sword. --
Toxic Sword 3 66 One Yes An improved version of Toxic Dagger that deals 30% more damage and poisons 100% of the time before resistances apply. Yes
Attack +30 -- 82 -- -- Increase attack +30 when equipped with a dagger/sword --
Sudden Death 8 100 One Yes Jessica stabs the enemy with her knife or sword with a 1/4 chance of killing them instantly; improved version of Assassin's Stab that deals an extra 50% damage Yes


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 5 -- -- Increase attack +5 when equipped with a whip. --
Whiplash 4 10 Group Yes A powerful whip attack with a 1/8 chance of paralyzing enemies. First hit
Attack +10 -- 16 -- -- Increase attack +10 when equipped with a whip. --
Twin Dragon Lash 3 23 One Yes Jessica lashes out with her whip in a double attack for 150% damage. First hit
Lady's Thong 2 32 Group Yes A powerful whip attack that restores 1/8th damage as HP.
Attack +15 -- 43 -- -- Increase attack +15 when equipped with a whip --
Lashings of Love 4 55 Group Yes Jessica lashes out with her whip to deal 125% damage with a 1/4 chance to paralyze a foe for 5~8 turns.
Attack +25 -- 68 -- -- Increase attack +25 when equipped with a whip. --
Queen's Thong 2 82 Group Yes A 125% whip attack that restores 1/4th of damage as HP. An improved version of Lady's Thong.
Serpent's Bite 8 100 Group Yes The most powerful whip attack: Jessica's whip turns into a glowing serpent and inflicts massive strike/stone damage on an enemy group. Damage modifiers are 160% -> 130% -> 110% -> 80% -> 50% -> 30% First hit


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Acceleratle 3 3 Party -- Increases party's speed and evasion rate. --
Kasap 4 7 Group -- Decreases a group of enemies' defense. --
Max MP +20 -- 13 -- -- Maximum MP increases by 20 when equipped with a staff. --
Bounce 21 Self -- Reflects enemy and ally spells. --
Magic Barrier 3 31 Party -- Increases party's resistance to hostile magic. --
Max MP +50 -- 44 -- -- Maximum MP increases by 50 when equipped with a staff. --
Caduceus -- 57 Ally Yes Restores 75~95 HP. --
MP Recovery -- 70 -- -- Recovers 3~10 MP each turn. --
Max MP +100 -- 84 -- -- Maximum MP increases by 100 when equipped with a staff. --
Kazing 15 100 Ally -- Brings a party member back to life completely restoring their health. --


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 5 -- -- Increase attack +5 when not equipped with a weapon. --
Agility +10 -- 13 -- -- Increases Jessica's agility by 10 points when not equipped with a weapon. --
Stone's Throw 0 19 group yes 8-20 damage on a group of enemies. no
Critical Hit Up -- 28 -- -- Increases chance of critical hit with no weapon equipped to 1/32. --
Attack +20 -- 35 -- -- Increase attack +20 when not equipped with a weapon. --
Harvest Moon 6 45 Group Yes Jessica performs cartwheels, attacking a group of enemies. First hit
Evasion Up -- 52 -- -- Increases chance of dodging enemy attacks with no weapon equipped to 50% if her level is higher than the enemy. --
Thin Air 2 68 All Yes Jessica sends waves of thin air at the enemy. No
Attack +35 -- 85 -- -- Increase attack +35 when not equipped with a weapon. --
Magic Burst All 100 All Yes Jessica unleashes all of her MP in one destructive attack. No

Sex Appeal[edit]

Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Blow Kiss 0 8 One Yes Jessica blows a kiss at the enemy that may paralyze a foe. 18 chance to succeed. No
Charm Attack -- 16 -- -- Jessica gains a 6.25% chance to charm an enemy at the start of each turn. --
Fuddle 5 26 Group -- Confuses a group of enemies. --
Puff-Puff 0 38 One -- Attempts to....distract an enemy. --
Hip Drop 0 48 One Yes Jessica hits the enemy with her rump. Deals 30% more damage than usual.
Sexy Beam 3 54 One Yes Channels sex appeal to create a damaging pink ray; deals 65~75 damage before the foe's fuddle resistance applies, confusion chance also depends on resistance.
Kasnooze 8 68 All -- Tries to put all enemies to sleep. --
Extra Charm Attack -- 78 One -- Jessica gains a 12.5% chance to charm an enemy at the start of each turn. --
Pink Typhoon 5 88 Group Yes Jessica spins around creating a pink wind storm. This technique deals 76~84 damage, and makes Jessica one of the few mage-type characters with access to the woosh-attribute. No
Hustle Dance 0 100 Party Yes Jessica dances to heal 70~80 HP to the whole party. --


Name MP Level Target Tension Info
Frizz 2 Start One Yes Fries an enemy.
Sap 3 Start One No Reduces defence.
Crack 3 10 One Yes Icy strike on enemy.
Evac 2 11 Party -- Teleports out of dungeon.
Sizz 4 11 Group Yes Burns a group of enemies.
Snooze 3 12 Group No Puts a group of enemies to sleep.
Bang 5 14 All Yes Explosion strikes all enemies.
Crackle 5 16 Group Yes Freezes a group of enemies.
Oomph 6 19 Ally -- Doubles one ally's attack.
Sizzle 6 20 Group Yes Burns a group of enemies.
Frizzle 4 21 One Yes Torches an enemy.
Boom 8 23 All Yes Massive explosion strikes all enemies.
Insulatle 3 25 Party -- Forms a barrier that protects the party from fire or ice breath.
Kaboom 15 33 All Yes Colossal explosion strikes all enemies.
Kafrizzle 10 35 One Yes Immolates an enemy.
Kasizzle 10 Event Group Yes Cremates a group of enemies.
Kacrackle 12 Event All Yes Lacerates all enemies with ice.

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