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The Bunny Tail is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Increases Luck by 8. Wearing it changes a character's personality to Happy camper. It can be bought in the town of Khoryv for 270g.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The Bunny Tail is an accessory that increases luck by 8.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Described in game as "A silky-soft and comfortable accessory." The Bunny Tail is an accessory that increases agility by 2 and can be sold for 25 Gold Coins. It can be mixed with the Hairband through alchemy to create the Bunny ears.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Described in game as "A fun and fluffy fashion item." Can be bought for 240 gold in Porth Llaffan and Zere and sold for 120 gold. Every vocation can equip it. It is also needed for a few alchemy recipes.

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]

They can be sold for 5 gold, but not bought. Bunny tails have a defense bonus of +1. They are found in the field and in Lucky bag.

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