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Happy camper (しあわせもの shiawase-mono, translated as happy in the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Quest III) is a personality in the Dragon Quest III remakes, in Dragon Quest X, and in Dragon Quest: Monster Parade.


Main series[edit]

Dragon Quest III remakes[edit]

"You are entirely free of sentiment or sadness…

You are always grinning from ear to ear, and those around you often wonder what you are thinking to make you so happy…

But the truth is that, more often than not, you are not thinking anything at all…

Of course, a person cannot be entirely free of worry… You too have your times of trouble…

But you know that no good can come of fretting fruitlessly…

…And that somehow, everything will work itself out in the end…

And most of the time, it does…

Most worries turn out to be just that—unfounded concerns, and nothing more…

And so you live your life in what may well be the only lasting form of happiness…

Carefree, empty-headed bliss…

A happy camper to the end…"

—? (iOS / Android)

In the Dragon Quest III remakes, happy camper is a personality that improves luck growth, but reduces strength and resilience growth.

At the start of the game, the hero becomes a happy camper by receiving the final test of character in the castle. The hero must leave the test without talking to the chancellor.

Other party members have a chance to be a happy camper when recruited as any class, depending on their stat bonuses.

Class / gender Stat bonuses for happy camper (chance)
Warrior maleWarrior female
  • Luck bonus highest, 7–11 (12)
  • Luck bonus highest, 12+ (15)
Mage maleMage femalePriest malePriest female
  • Luck bonus highest, 6–11 (12)
  • Luck bonus highest, 12+ (15)
Merchant maleThief male
  • Luck bonus highest, 6–11 (311)
  • Luck bonus highest, 12+ (15)
Merchant femaleThief female
  • Luck bonus highest, 12+ (always)
  • Luck bonus highest, 6–11 (311)
Gadabout maleGadabout female
  • Luck bonus highest, 6–8 (411)

An existing character becomes a happy camper permanently by reading the Loving Living: A Grinner's Guide book, or temporarily while wearing the bunny tail accessory.