Sexy Beam

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Sexy Beam is a recurring skill in the series. When used, the user moves their body seductively and, with a playful wink, shoots a large heart-shaped projectile at an enemy. It was originally one of the signature moves of Jessica Albert.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Sexy Beam can be learned by placing 54 skill points into Jessica's Sex Appeal skillset. It deals 65-75 damage on a single target before the foe's Fuddle resistance applies, confusion chance also depends on resistance.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Sexy Beam can is learned by Jade through her Allure panel for 14 points. Base damage is 50~70, and will reach a cap of 335~355 once her charm is high enough. It has a chance to enthrall a foe for 2~3 turns, which is also dependent on her charm stat.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Sexy Beam is one of Jessica's main attacks and can be learned for 3 skill points. She fires a heart-shaped projectile from her fingertips that damages any foes in the way before bursting. It costs 6 MP to use.