Alma Mater

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Alma Mater is an ability in the Dragon Quest series. It protects against instant death attacks.


Dragon Quest IX[edit]

This ability is learned with 70 skill points allocated into Faith skill. When used, it surrounds the performer in a holy aura that negates instant death abilities for 7~10 turns. Even if the user is affected by the spell or skill, they will survive with 1 HP. Being afflicted causes the aura to dissipate, and it must be reapplied thereafter.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Serena learns the skill through the Wands section of her character builder, wherein it costs 13 points to unlock. It costs 8 MP to perform, and functions slightly differently: as long as a character's health is higher than 50% they will survive any fatal blow. The protection lasts exactly four turns, and must be reapplied in the event salvation.

Battle Visuals[edit]