Hand of God

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Hand of God is a technique in the Dragon Quest series. It is a skill that charges pugilism with the power of providence to smite the most dangerous foes, and is often the ultimate move for claw weapons.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

In the 3DS version, Hand of God can be learned by Morrie when you invest 100 skill points into his Claw skill tree and costs 10 MP to use. Unlike IX and XI, Hand of God is a non-elemental attack and will ignore the enemy's Defence stat, although it will not work on metal slimes. When used, Morrie will leap into the air and infuse his claw with the sun's rays before diving claw-first at his target.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Hand of God can be used by any character that has 'The Core of the Claw' (quest #76) item in their inventory. It deals 180~260 Light attribute damage to one enemy, capping at 400~480 once the user's strength reaches 900.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Hand of God can be learned by Rab through his Claws panel, costs 20 skill points to learn, and can only be learned after certain events in Act 2 when all of Rab's character builder has been unlocked. It costs 24 MP to use and will inflict heavy Light damage on an opponent based on Rab's Strength attribute, capping at 380~460.

Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Known as 'Glowstick, it is learned by Golden goliaths and it costs 5 MP to use. It is a forward slam that generates an explosion of Light-element energy in a wide radius, also dealing impact damage if a foe is struck by the initial slam.