Femme Fatale

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Femme Fatale is a recurring skill in the series. When used, the user glows pink and gives a charming and seductive wink that sends out heart-shaped projectiles at all enemies, causing damage while restoring the user's HP.


Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Femme Fatale can be learned by Jade through the Allure panel on her character builder after it has been expanded for 18 skill points. It costs 24 MP to use and deals heavy damage to all enemies, has a 10% chance of inflicting Sleep, and recovers Jade's HP by 6% of the total damage done. The damage is dependent on Jade's Charm and will reach a cap of 365-375 damage once her Charm is high enough.

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Femme Fatale was introduced in the 8th card pack, "Get Rich Quick! Casino Paradise" as a normal skill exclusive for Martial Artists. It costs 2 MP to use, recovers 5 HP to the ally leader, then allows the user to get 1 coin.

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Femme Fatale's Japanese name, Succubus Wink, is a reference to the succubus, a female demon from European folklore. Succubi are believed to appear in dreams to seduce sleeping men and steal their energy or life force, usually through sexual activity. In modern media, they are frequently depicted as seductive or alluring.