Typhoeus' Maul

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Typhoeus' Maul is an skill introduced in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It is unlocked once Yangus allocates 100 skill points and masters his axe abilities.


The mighty maul costs 6 MP to use, hits an enemy for 150% power, and will deal double damage again monsters in the beast family. As implied by its nomenclature, it is a wind elemental skill and will be affected by a foe's resistance to gales.

Breaking the damage limit[edit]

Under normal circumstances 9999 is the highest amount of damage a single attack can inflict in VIII. However, due to a programming exploit Typhoeus' Maul can ignore this hard limit and deal up to 11999. The requirements for reaching this zenith of absurd power are:

  • The enemy must be a member of the beast family
  • The enemy must have it's defence lowered to 0
  • Divine Intervention must be cast on the target
  • Oomph must be applied to Yangus
  • Yangus' Tension must be at 100%


Typhoeus is an alternative name of Typhon, the gigantic son of Gaia and the most dangerous monster in Greek mythology. As with nearly all Greek myths his precise description varied considerably, though the most commonly accepted depiction is that of a monstrously tall man with wings and two pythons in place of legs. With his mate echidna, he fathered many of the famous beasts that plagued the Mediterranean.