The Great Leveller

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A variation of Disruptive Wave, The Great Leveller is a spell exclusive to Dragon Quest VII that can only be used by the Hero.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In order to learn the spells, the Hero must examine the grave beneath the Great Conjuratorium after speaking with the chief researcher in the area's past. When used, it removes Sap, Buff, Kaclang, Puff, and Megamorphosis from a single enemy for 15MP.

The Greater Leveller[edit]

After Aishe joins the party, speak with the research chief again in the past, then check the grave in the present to upgrade the skill. In addition to the above, the skill will also remove Oomph and Bound, targets all enemies, seals all spells for 2 turns, and costs 20MP. Be warned, however; the skill will now strip allies of their buffs as well.