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Dogantarosu is a spell that materializes a boulder to inflict Earth-element damage to an enemy. It is the single-target counterpart to Kacraggle, in a relationship similar to that of Kafrizzle and Kasizzle. It is the most powerful spell of its family, being stronger than Dogan, Doganto, and Doganteru. The spell debuted in Dragon Quest X and currently remains untranslated.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dogantarosu is exclusively learned by the Dragomancer advanced vocation by investing 150 skill points into their ドラゴン (Dragon) skillset. It costs 16 MP and has a range of 15 meters with a casting time of 60 seconds. The damage output is 930~960 at 999 magical might, increasing by one point of damage for every three points of magical might until reaching its zenith of 1,112~1,127 damage at 1,500 magical might.