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For the bipedal, sword-wielding Dragon Quest IX monster with a similar name, see Axolhotl.

The Axolotl is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series, first appearing in Dragon Quest IV.

It is an amphibious monster with tough pink leathery skin with a tall red sail on its back.


This awful amphibian likes to disrupt the party by casting Fuddle. Thanks to its leathery skin, it is highly resistant to the extreme temperatures produced by Frizz, Sizz, and Crack spells. Furthermore, it never falls victim to its own spell. Fizzle out its fun before it fudges yours! In its unused sprite for the NES version, the Axolotl possessed mossy green skin and a blue tongue.


Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

Axolotl (マッドルーパー Maddorūpā)DQIV Logo.png
Original (NES)
Sprite HP MP Attack
Axolotl nes.png 64 6 73
Defense Agility Experience Gold
40 25 113 60
Bestiary No. #178
Spell(s) Fuddle
Skill(s) None
Location(s) Seas near Zamoksva (Chapters 5 & 6)
Item Dropped Cypress stick(164)
Evasion Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Bang Resistance *
164 75% 75% 25%
Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance * Zap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance
25% 0% 0% 25%
Whack Resistance * Kamikazee Bracer Resistance Poof Resistance Fuddle Resistance
25% 0% 100% 100%
Snooze Resistance Dazzle Resistance Sap Resistance * Fizzle Resistance
100% 25% 25% 25%
Remakes (PSX, DS, Mobile)
Sprites Notable Changes
Axolotl ds.png Only appears in remade versions of the game.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Axolotl appears as an A-rank monster of the Dragon family as part of the limited "Scintillating Summer! Swimwear, Waves, and Watermelons!" event alongside Beach Goddess Jessica on her banner. It can participate in the Blindfolded hammerhood's Battle Road as a party member.

Axolotl (マッドルーパー Maddorūpā)Tactlogo.png

DQT Axolotl.png
Family Rank Role
Tact Icon Dragon.png
DQTact Rank Icon A.png DQTact DebuffType.png
Max Level HP MP Move
120 1,173 422 2
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Weight
251 452 386 133 35
Basic Skills
First Second Third
Dazzle Acid Flame* Sand Breath*
Awakening Skills
First Second Third
Mud and Sand Defence/Stats Up Zam Res +25/Stats Up Sand Breath Potency +5%/Stats Up
Rare Deep Breath: Rarely grants x1.5 breath potency/recovery for 1 turn at action start.
Fourth Fifth
Frizz Res +25/Stats Up Sand Breath Potency +5%/Stats Up
Blind Success Rate +5%
Leader Perks
Raises DEF of dragon allies, including itself, by 15% in a 5x5 square around it.
Basic Perks
First Second Third
Max HP +20 DEF +15 Sand Breath Potency +2%
Perk Details
Mud and Sand Defence: Heals 50% of the user's max HP and greatly raises breath potency/recovery for 3 turns (4 turns if activated by an ally's ability) when any ally (incl. self) blinds an enemy with an ability.
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Half Res Normal Normal Normal
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Very Weak Very Weak Half Res Normal
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Super Weak Normal Normal Normal
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Half Res Normal Normal Normal
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Normal Half Res Immune Super Weak


An axolotl is a type of salamander known for pink pigmentation and intricate gill structure.


  • The Axolotl has the distinction of only appearing in remade versions of IV. It has a sprite and stats in the original Famicom version of the game, but it cannot be encountered anywhere. It shares this in common with four other seafaring monsters: Glugworm, Mangler fish, Maulrus, and Terrornodon.[1]

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