Blizzard blade

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Blizzard blade
Japanese ふぶきのつるぎ
Romaji Fubuki no Tsurugi
Old localizations Snowblast Sword
Frost Blade
Found in Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest Swords
Effect various, see article

The Blizzard blade is a weapon in the Dragon Quest series. Originally it would cast Crackle on a group of enemies when used as an item in battle, but later titles have it inflict bonus damage based on the foe's ice resistance instead.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The blizzard blade has an Attack bonus of +80 in the NES version and +90 in all others, and will cast Crackle when used as an item. It can only be equipped by the Hero and Warriors, and is dropped by the armful and one-man army monsters at a rate of 1/256 and 1/128 respectivly.

In the 16-bit remake of the game the blade is available for purchase in Damdara for 23,000 gold.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

The blizzard blade has an attack bonus of +105. It can only be purchased in Precaria for the high price of 21,000 gold. It is also restrictive, as only Tuppence, Parry, and some monster companions can wield it.

The sword's description states that it deals extra damage to those weak to ice, and the bonuses are calculated as thusly: no resistance=150% damage, 20% resistance=130% damage, 67% resistance=115%, and immunity=normal damage calculation. Though the precise bonus damage would be adjusted slightly for each subsequent game, this is the standard ability the blade has in all following appearances.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

The blizzard blade has an attack bonus of +105 and a Style bonus of +38. It can be bought for 21,000 gold coins in Despairia or sold for 15,750 gold coins. The Hero, Carver, Amos, Terry, Lizzie, and Goowain can equip it.

The blade deals bonus, Ice-element damage to the target monster that is half of the physical damage previously dealt before resistance apply and if said monster is defeated by the initial blow then the bonus damage will be redirected to a different target. This bonus damage will activate on the following physical-blow skills: dragon slash, double-edged slash, flame slash, frenzy, gust slash, hatchet man, kacrackle slash, lightning slash, mercurial thrust, metal slash, & undead undoer.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

The blizzard blade has an attack bonus of +105 and an style bonus of +38. It can be equipped by the Hero, Kiefer, and Aishe, and features the same bonus damage effect and necessary skills for activation as in VI.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

The blizzard blade has an attack bonus of +90 and deals half of its melee damage as Crack type damage, before resistances apply. It can be bought for 21,000 gold coins in Tryan Gully or sold for 10,500 gold coins. The Hero, Jessica Albert, and Red can equip it.

Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3
DQVIII Blizzard blade.png
Blizzard blade
DQVIII Icicle dirk.png
Icicle dirk
DQVIII Cold cheese.png
Cold cheese

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors[edit]

This weapon is made by tempering the Frost Sword with 8 Monsterbone, 3 Iron Ore, and 3 Ice Crystal. This sword also teaches the Hero the Tundra Sunderer Master Stroke. It can be tempered into a Wrath of Boreas.