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Despairia is a town in Dragon Quest VI and the first area visited in the Dread Realm.


Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
War hammer 12,000 Attack +64/Style +19
Cautery sword 4,400 Attack +42/Style +23
Blizzard blade 21,000 Attack +105/Style +38
Zombiesbane 18,000 Attack +80/Style +5
Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Gigant armour 23,000 Defense +92/Style +15
Flowing dress 14,000 Defense +65/Style +42
Ogre shield 20,000 Defense +48/Style -10
Thinking cap 13,000 Defense +40/Style +21


Price per person
5 Gold Coins

Max Wynne's equipment[edit]

After bringing his tools back to him, Wynne will give The Hero a choice of the following three items:

Other treasures[edit]


Nearby monsters[edit]


DQ VI SF Despair Town.png