Slippin' Slime

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Slippin' Slime is a mini-game in Dragon Quest VI that you can play with your DS or 3DS Stylus. You first find the Slippin' Slime Machine in Somnia, but additional machines can be found elsewhere.

How to Play[edit]

To launch the Slime, touch the slime at the start post and drag it backward!

You can aim your initial shot by pulling the slime to left or to the right while you drag it backward in preparation for launch.

When you lift your stylus from the slime, it will start to slide. Slide your stylus back and forth to polish the ground in front of the slime. This keeps the slime sliding forward. Slide the stylus inside the two blue boxes that you see in front of the slime sliding on the ice.

If you slide in the left box, the slime will go left. If you slide in the right box, it will go right. When you want to continue straight, slide the slime in both left and right boxes. When you want the slime to stop, put the stylus in the center of the box and slowly stop movement.

You can look at the entire course you selected before you begin each game. Some courses have items on the tracks. These items will spawn in a slightly different location each time you play the course. The course overview scene will show you where the items are, and may help you plan your route. If you want to skip the course overview scene, tap the bottom screen twice.