Madame Luca Luminista

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Luca Luminista
Dragon Quest VI
Luca DQX.jpg
Japanese name グランマーズ
Romaji Guranmāzu
Old localization None
Race Human
Family Milly (adopted daughter)

Madam Luca Luminista is a recurring character in the series who serves as a fortuneteller and guide for players in each game she appears in.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Madame Luca is a short, aged woman with long grey hair who wears a traditional witch's hat with a bent cone and purple sash wrapped around it that is set with a green brooch. Her robe is colored black to match her hat, and her shoulders are covered by a purple shroud set with black polka dots and short, silver tassels. Older illustrations had her wearing a blue robe and hat, but the design of the clothing is still similar to her modern appearance.

Despite looking every bit like an old crone, Madame Luca is a kind-hearted old woman who helps those in need when they enter her abode or she stumbles upon them herself. This does not preclude her from being sassy to her guests, however, as she has fun teasing Carver in particular. Being skilled in fortunetelling, Luca has the gift of oneiromancy and limited clairvoyance, and can thus provide insight on her players need to go next to complete a section of a game.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Madame Luca lives in the Lower World in her home several miles south of Port Haven. An unknown amount of time after the failed siege on Murdaw's Keep in the game's opening, she encounters an amnesiac Milly and takes the lost girl under her wing. The old woman presumably reunites the girl's mind and body before the young lady encounters the Hero and Carver at Port Haven and escorts the two transparent men to Luca's home. After sending the three on an errand to retrieve some Dream dew from the Lucid Grotto, Madame Luca makes the lads corporeal in the lower world and explains the bizarre nature of their circumstances.

After Murdaw is killed, Madame Luca provides guidance on which area of the game players should investigate in order to advance the adventure when spoken to. In the Nintendo DS remake and smartphone ports, she will also improve the Zoom spell so that the player can travel through the worlds at will, appearing at Alltrades Abbey when cast. When Terry is recruited into the party, he is shown approaching Madame Luca in the ending after being pulled along by Milly.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Madame Luca was added to the game on December fourth, 2014 as a part of the version 2.3 update. She serves as a quest giving NPC and more of her backstory is revealed. She is not a native to the lower world of the sixth game, but a former inhabitant of a world that was obliterated by Nokturnus in the distant past. In her home world Madame Luca was an ordinary fortuneteller who lived in a small village, and was able to escape the destruction by an unknown means. She has been looking for a way to avenge her lost people and destroy Nokturnus for several decades since the incident.

These efforts proved futile and the old woman was beginning to give in to despair until encounter the Hero and learned of their defeating the dream demon in a previous encounter. This knowledge inspires the fortuneteller to not give in and continues her pursuit of the monster, arriving in the world of Dragon Quest VI approximately one day before the assault on Murdaw's Keep. As the storyline concerning Luca and Nokturnus can be played as many times as the player likes, Luca will remain in the world of the tenth game and provide the same guidance she did before if the player opts to not conclude the plotline by battling Nokturnus a second time.

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]