List of vocations in Dragon Quest VI

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There are eighteen vocations in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation: nine basic vocations, seven intermediate vocations, one advanced vocation, and two secret vocations. Unlike the system present in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation and later Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, vocations in VI are akin to accessories that modify a character's stats via percentages rather than hard numbers and allow for the learning of additional skills and spells on top of what said characters will naturally learn. Because vocations are not tied to a character's level, progression is marked by a series of eight ranks which are reached by fighting a certain number of battles as the vocation.

Intermediate and advanced vocations are unlocked by having a character reach rank eight with two or more prerequisite professions, which then unlocks the new vocation for that character at Alltrades abbey. The two secret vocations required rare items to be in a character's possession, which is then used up in the unlocking process for that specific person.

This implementation of the system allows for greater character customization than before as well as deeper strategy, as not all members of the party will be equally proficient in the same job.

Unlocking Alltrades Abbey[edit]

Alltrades Abbey must first be unsealed in order to access the vocation system. This is done by defeating Murdaw in the Lower World after first defeating him in the Upper World. When that is done, Alltrades Abbey is released and accessible in the Upper World.


The nine available vocations at the start are:


Mastering any of the seven intermediate vocations adds a fixed stat boost when the character utilizes that job, which is factored in before the percentage modification process.

  • Armamentalist (Mastery of Warrior and Mage necessary to reach this vocation.)
  • Gladiator (Mastery of Warrior and Martial Artist necessary to reach this vocation.)
  • Luminary (Mastery of Dancer and Gadabout necessary to reach this vocation.)
  • Paladin (Mastery of Martial Artist and Priest necessary to reach this vocation.)
  • Ranger (Mastery of Thief, Monster Master and Merchant necessary to reach this vocation.)
  • Sage (Mastery of the Mage and Priest necessary to reach this vocation.)


The sole advanced vocation in the game requires a character to master four intermediate job, with the exception of the Hero who only needs to master one of the four listed.

  • Hero (Mastery of Gladiator, Sage, Ranger and Luminary necessary to reach this vocation)


Multiple mastery reward[edit]

There is a bonus dungeon available through the cellar of Alltrades Abbey. There is a room with eighteen Braziers, representing the eighteen vocations. At the end of the room is a wall which opens up to the donus dungeon. It is only accessible when the player has at least had all the classes at the fifth tier of mastery. However, the bonus dungeon cannot be accessed until the game is beaten because the Liquid Metal Mind' location is only shown in the end game's credits.

The Nintendo DS remake and its mobile phone port changes the entry requirement to defeating Mortamor. In this version, achieving the 5 tier of mastery instead results in being given the Gospel ring (by speaking to The Abbot) which grants +15 towards defense & +30 towards style, as well as preventing Random Encounters when equipped.

In either version, the player can explore the dungeon and lead their party against Nokturnus. Defeating this monster within 20 turns unlocks a new ending for the game.