Dragon (vocation)

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The Dragon (ドラゴン, doragon) is a secret vocation in Dragon Quest VI. It grants the character abilities associated with dragons, namely breath attacks. It is unlocked by having a character hold a Dragonic Diligence scroll when speaking with the abbot of Alltrades Abbey. However, Lizzie joins with the vocation already unlocked and does not require a scroll.


Becoming a dragon will turn even the scrawniest character into a raw powerhouse, supported by the best breath attacks in the game. Though there are substantial reductions to agility, wisdom, and MP, the straightforward nature of the vocation makes these cuts a moot point and especially so if the lightening-fast Milly takes up the position. Simply put, the dragon is an overwhelming brute force that should be kept as far from the wagon as possible at all times.

The one weakness the vocation bares is that it renders characters vulnerable to Dragon Slash.

Preemptive strikes[edit]

Being a dragon increases the chance of catching enemies off-guard and rendering them unable to act for the first turn, with each rank multiplying the base chance by a certain degree.

Rank Shock Rate
1 200%
2 200%
3 200%
4 300%
5 300%
6 300%
7 300%
8 400%

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 280
Strength +20%
Agility -20%
Resilience +20%
Wisdom -10%
Max HP +30%
Max MP -20%
Trait Increased chance to strike first
Mastery Bonus +20 Strength


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Dragonfly Fire Breath 1 All enemies A fiery breath attack. 0
2 Small Fry Cool Breath 10 All enemies A chilly breath attack. 0
3 Lesser Dragon Flame Breath 30 All enemies A fiercely fiery breath attack. 0
4 Green Dragon Chilly Breath 50 All enemies A frigidly chilly breath attack. 0
5 White Dragon Inferno 85 All enemies A ferociously fiery breath attack. 0
6 Silver Dragon Freezing Blizzard 130 All enemies A chafingly chilly breath attack. 0
7 Gold Dragon Scorch 190 All enemies A scorching inferno of burning breath. 0
8 Great Dragon C-c-cold Breath 280 All enemies Emits a frightfully icy breath 0