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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Warrior Monsters
Muriel 2.png
Japanese Name ミレーユ
Rōmaji Mirēyu
Title Mysterious Girl
Race Human
Age 22(DQ6), 10(DQM)
Family Madam Luca (maternal figure)
Warning: Spoilers
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Terry (younger brother)
Voice Actor Aya Hisakawa (CD Theater)

Milly (Mireille in the original Japanese, Milayou in the localization of Dragon Warrior Monsters) is a main character in Dragon Quest VI and also appears in Dragon Quest Monsters.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Milly dresses in a blue overcoat with white pants and blouse, and a breastplate from which her yellow streamers extend. Her accessories include a tiara with matching necklace, two silver wristbands, and two plain torcs on her upper arms. Milly is repeatedly described by a wide variety of NPC's as being very beautiful and elegant, traits that have caused her great hardship in the past.

Ever polite and compassionate, Milly keeps a calming, almost motherly air about herself that belies her young age. Though no true facade, this outer personality masks the scars of a harsh childhood, and hides a deeply rooted sense of longing to be close to others. It's because of the somber past that Milly possesses an indomitable sense of courage, as evidenced by her volunteering to assist in the attack on Murdaw's Keep at the beginning of the game.

This is not to say that the young woman is perpetually serious, however; party chant and scripted cut-scenes reveal a sprightliness rivaling Ashlynn's, with Milly often succumbing to bouts of laughter and beaming smiles. Her Lucky Dip antics further reveal a strong interest in dancing, as well as dabbling in amateur fortune telling.


Warning: Spoilers
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Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

In Dragon Quest Monsters, Milly ( dubbed Milayou in the game's localization) is kidnapped during the first scene of the game by a creature known as Warubou, who takes her to Greatlog for an unknown reason. It is likely that the kingdom was searching for a contender in the Starry Night Tournament, though this is not hinted at. Around the end of the game, when her brother Terry enters the final rounds of the Starry Night Tournament, it is revealed that she is the current champion. Her party consists of a metal king slime, a prism peacock, and a coatol.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

As the story of VI unfolds, the player learns that Milly and Terry both lived as orphans in Felonia when they were children. Milly was sold by her foster parents into slavery to the King of Felonia in her youth, and NPC dialogue indicates she was also locked up in the castle dungeon for a time by the previous Queen of Felonia out of bitter jealousy simply for being 'too beautiful'. Milly later escaped, and met up with the hero before the first attack on Murdaw.

Later, Milly brought the hero and Carver to Madame Luca, helping them to become visible in the lower world. Milly then rejoined the hero's party, traveling the worlds until she had found her missing brother, helped defeat Mortamor, and returned peace to the world.

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 5 99
HP 63 700
MP 50 800
Strength 12 300
Agility 35 450
Resilience 25 200
Wisdom 45 410
Style 40 130
Initial gear Bronze knife, Silk robe
  • In the Super Famicom version of VI, Milly had a 15% innate resistance to MP-draining spells and skills, along with a total immunity to befuddlement.


Aside from vocation abilities, Milly learns a few skills on her own:

Name MP Level Target Description
Heal 2 5 One ally Restores at least 30 HP to a single ally.
Squelch 2 5 One ally Cures a single ally of the effects of poison.
Buff 2 5 One ally Raises the defence of a single party member.
Dazzle 5 6 Enemy group Envelops a group of enemies in illusions.
Evac 8 7 Party Exit instantly from dungeons, caves, and towers.
Crack 3 9 One enemy Pierces a single enemy with razor-sharp icicles.
Snooze 3 11 Enemy group Puts a group of enemies to sleep.
Midheal 5 13 One ally Restores at least 75 HP to a single ally.
Bang 5 15 All enemies Damages all enemies with a small explosion.
Kabuff 3 18 Party Raises the defence of all party members.


In the Super Famicom version, while Milly travels with The Hero and Carver to Lucid Grotto to retrieve the Dream dew, she remained entirely inactive until the they became solid through use of the dew.

In the Nintendo DS version she takes part in battles before joining, though as an uncontrollable character.