Well shop south of Alltrades Abbey

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The Well shop south of Alltrades Abbey in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation is found south of the Real World version of Alltrades Abbey ruins.

It is first approachable by ship, though the Lorelei's harp is required to use first.

Though it doesn't need to be visited, there are several shops containing powerful equipment.


Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Dragon mail 12,000 Defense +67/Style +30
Flowing dress 14,000 Defense +65/Style +42
Flame armour 15,000 Defense +70/Style +33
Slime helmet 2,000 Defense +40/Style +12
Iron mask 3,500 Defense +25/Style -10
Thinking cap 13,000 Defense +40/Style +21
Weapon Shop
Item Price Attributes
Saw blade 9,800 Attack +54/Style -2
War hammer 12,000 Attack +64/Style +19
Zombiesbane 18,000 Attack +80/Style +5
Flametang boomerang 13,000 Attack +65/Style +25
Fire blade 22,500 Attack +87/Style +33
Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Slime earrings 650 Strength +5/Style +35
Fishnet stockings 3,200 Defense +5/Style +40


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