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The Party of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation start out with a Hero waking up from what appears to be a dream.

As he begins a journey at behest of the Goddess, he meets a man and eventually woman that he met in his dream.

The Party as it grows discovers various worlds including the Upper World, Lower World and Dread Realm, as well as threats such as the Dread Fiend Murdaw.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]


The occupation title is listed in parentheses after the character's name. [For Monster Companions, the occupation title is the species.]

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  • The Hero (Village boy, or Prince of Somnia) ((村の少年→レイドック王子)): The 17 year old prince of Somnia. His parents were bound into slumber by the Dread Fiend Murdaw, and he left with Carver and Milly to defeat him. However, Murdaw has separated the prince's soul from his body, imprisoning the former in the upper world. In both the Lower World and the Upper World, the Prince lives in the village of Weaver's Peak. In the Upper World he is the brother of Tania, while in the Lower World he merely lives with her to convalesce. His real sister died of a childhood disease years ago. He cannot leave the party. He will find it much easier than any other party member to gain the Hero. He is called Botsu in the manga.
  • Carver (Traveling fighter, or Carpenter's son) (ハッサン (旅の武闘家→大工の息子)): The son of a carpenter in Port Haven, he leaves his home to travel to Castle Somnia. With the Hero and Milly, he left to battle Murdaw, and his soul was flung into the Upper World, while his body was petrified and placed in Murdaw's castle. In the upper world, he is a traveling fighter, who volunteers to become a soldier at Somnia. He soon joins forces with the Hero. He hates carpentry, but his father taught him the art anyway. While his MP and Agility are low, and his HP and Strength are high.
  • Milly (Mileyou, Muriel, or Mireyu in other localizations) also known as the Mysterious Woman, or Long Lost Sister) (ミレーユ (謎の女性→テリーの姉さん)): She lives with her mentor, the witch Madame Luca Luminista, until she reunites with the party. When she was younger, she was sold to the Gandino crime family in Felonia, prompting her brother Terry to become as strong as possible to eventually save her. She uses her Gold Dragon Flute to infiltrate the castle of Murdaw. She appears to have already rejoined her body and soul by the time she joins the party in Port Haven. She has decent HP and Agility, and her MP is high, but she has a somewhat limited selection of armor, specifically Shields. She gains healing and support spells.
  • Ashlynn (Runaway child, later Scion of Sorceria) (バーバラ (家出娘→カルベローナの子)): A magician from the city of Sorceria, and a descendant of the great witch Ashmeralda. The Dread Fiend Gracos attacked the real city and sealed the Upper World version of the city, where the souls of the inhabitants dwell. Like the other NPCs, she is "invisible" (can only be seen as a ghostly shadow, and only by the NPCs) in the Lower World. To rectify this condition, she has traveled to the glass tower in search of the Ra's Mirror. She cannot leave the party. She has the highest MP, but has below average HP. She also has high Style; although not initially as high as Milly's, it increases faster and so will eventually overtake her's. She gains fire-based attack spells, and eventually gains Magic Burst.
  • Nevan (Child of Ghent) (チャモロ (ゲント族)): He inherited healing powers from his grandfather, the Elder of Ghent. He wears glasses, and has a serious nature. He does not appear in the opening screens, but will join in the fight against Murdaw later on; he is the only one who can steer the holy ship, the Providence. He gains recovery spells and has the highest MP of any male character, but his stats are otherwise average. He can use a wide array of equipment, including Slime armour. He levels at a slower rate than any of the other human party members.
  • Terry (Wandering swordsman) (テリー (さすらいの剣士)) : "The Blue Spark" is the nickname of this swordsman. He is the brother of Milly, and a former resident of Felonia. Terry attempted to rescue Milly from slavery; but having failed he now seeks to become the strongest warrior in the world. He meets the party several times, but never when Milly can see him, or vice versa. Eventually he enters into the service of the Dread Fiend Dhuran, but Milly will convince him to join the party after he is defeated in battle. He is a Gladiator , and has already mastered the Warrior class; but he has no experience in the Martial Artist class in the Super Famicom version. His combat statistics are all high, but his magic-related stats are low.
  • Amos (Village hero) (アモス (村の英雄)): He is a kind-hearted and powerful warrior who defends the town of Scrimsley from monsters. When one of the monsters bit him, he now he turns into a monster himself at night. If the Hero can obtain the Seed of Reason, Amos will gain power over his transformations, and will be able to transform at will. If he is informed that he turns into a monster at night, he will leave the town and can no longer join the party. He does not appear during the ending montage, but is present for the victory celebration at castle Somnia. His graphics are the same as those of a soldier in the Super Famicom version, and posses a unique sprite in the DS remake.
  • Lizzie (Dragon) (ドランゴ): A Dragon-type monster (a Hacksaurus) defeated by Terry. She is sufficiently impressed at being defeated by Terry that she will join the party if Terry is a member; but she does not appear in the ending animation. She joins fairly late and starts at a low level, but all of her stats besides Agility are very high, especially HP and Resilience. Fittingly, she joins the party as a member of the Dragon vocation. Due to the fact that she is a monster, she has a number of innate resistances to spells and status effects, with the most notable being a 100% resistance to both Woosh and Whack spells. Since she accuses Terry of smashing her eggs, one may assume that Lizzie is female; and she is identified as such in Dragon Quest Monsters. Her Japanese name is an anagram of "dragon" (ドラゴン).
  • Goober (Rookie) (ルーキー): A Slime from Slimopolis. The owner of the museum eventually is sufficiently impressed with the party's skills at Slimopolis that he gives the party a "Rookie" Slime to train to a high level.
  • Peggy Sue (Falchion) (ファルシオン):
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Peggy Sue is the Upper World version of Pegasus, the legendary winged horse. The Archfiend Mortamor used his magic to petrify Pegasus's Lower World body, and seal her soul in the Upper World. She is rescued by Carver and the Hero, shortly after they reach Somnia; they name her Peggy Sue.


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