List of characters in Dragon Quest VI

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This is a list of characters in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

Party Members[edit]

Major Characters[edit]

Captain Rusty/Blade
  • Apnea (Shiela) (シェーラ): Queen of Somnia, mother of the Hero. She is has been cursed by Murdaw to endure eternal sleep in the Lower World, and has been transformed into the young king of Somnia in the Upper World. Due to spending such a long time in the Upper World, she has forgotten her original identity. She does recognize the Hero as her son, even before he has recovered his body. After Murdaw is defeated, her upper world appearance is that of her much younger self.
  • Somnus/Reidock (レイドック): King of Somnia, father of the Hero. He is of late middle age in the Lower World, but retains his youth in the Upper World. He left to battle Murdaw at the monster's keep, but was defeated; Murdaw imprisoned him in sleep in the Lower World, and disguised him as Murdaw in the Upper World. Both of his curses are broken by the Ra's Mirror after Murdaw is defeated in combat. After the defeat of Murdaw, his Upper World form is a younger version of himself (the same as the form of Apnea at the beginning of the game), and adopts a somewhat unscrupulous lifestyle.
  • Rusty/Blade (Tom/Soldi)(トム), (ソルディ): Captain of Somnia's Army in both worlds. He is the first to vouch that the Hero is the returned prince of Somnia, but is sentenced to 'fall on his sword' when the Hero cannot answer questions proving his claims, and is replaced by Franco. In the Upper World he has mysteriously vanished during the assault on Murdaw's castle; he later appears in the Gallows Moor, where he instigates a revolt among the imprisoned.
  • Franco (フランコ): A soldier of Somnia in the Lower World. He later becomes the leader of the soldiers after the death of captain Rusty. He has served in the army since the Hero was young, and does not trust chancellor Keating.
  • Keating/Geban (ゲバン): The chancellor of kingdom of Somnia in the Lower World. Since the King and Queen are asleep, he runs the city on his own, and is disliked by the citizens for his outrageous tax hikes. He has the hero thrown out of the castle for "impersonating" the Prince, and orders the death of Captain Rusty by way of sending him to the front lines. He himself was exiled from the kingdom after the king and Queen were awoken. In the Upper world he is a wealthy merchant and is imprisoned by the (Lower World) King after he is freed of Murdaw's curse. He does not remember his life in the Lower World.
  • Madame Luca Luminista (Granmaaz) (グランマーズ): An old woman who lives south of Port Haven. As an oneiromancer, she is one of the few inhabitants of the Lower World who can see people from the Upper World. She was the one to help Milly recover her memories, and offers advice and guidance for the party throughout the game. In official illustrations, she is presented as looking like Baba from Dragon Ball.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Calvet (カルベ夫妻): An old married couple in Sorceria. They made the Magic Carpet, and were Ashlynn's foster parents. Their neighbors think they are eccentric.
  • Rubiss (ルビス): A goddess living in a palace on the seabed near Murdaw's castle. It was she who possessed Tania during the annual festival at Weaver's Peak, and initiated the Hero's journey. Her relationship (if any) with the Rubiss from the second and third games is unknown.
  • King Zenith (ゼニス): The King who rules Castle Zenithia. He holds the key to accessing the Dread Realm.
  • Isaac/Masarl (マサール) and Benjamin/Klimton (クリムト): Sibling sages with the power to create Teleportals. Mortamor has transported them to his Dread Realm because he seeks to control their power. While Benjamin is locked away in Mortamor's prison, Isaac is being tortured by the monsters Cabot and Belleau.

Other characters[edit]

  • Evgenya (Geena) (ジーナ) and Ilya (イリア): A pair of thieves who desire the treasure in Amor's Northern Cave. Ilya has an ornament which increases her speed. They are aged in the Lower World, but look much younger in the Upper World, as they did when they traveled to the cave. As the story progresses, they die and are reborn as children in the Upper World.
  • Howard (Horus) (ホルス): Prince of the kingdom of Howcastle, the son of King Howie (ホルテン). He is a spoiled, cowardly child who cannot inherit the throne until he has proven his bravery through an ancestral rite of passage. King Howie asks the party to accompany him through the cavern of testing, and he gradually changes during the course of this quest. He is well-liked by the other children because they often work mischief together.
  • Ludwig (Foan) (フォーン): The young king of Castle Swanstone. He is in love with the Cursed Princess, who was sealed in a mirror by Spiegel. Not wanting to make a show of the trapped princess as his ancestors did, he has hidden the mirror in an underground warehouse. He does not know the name of the princess, because she cannot reveal it while trapped.
  • Miralda (Erica) (イリカ): The Cursed Princess, who was trapped inside the mirror 1000 years ago because she denied a wedding proposal from the wizard Spiegel. With the help of the party, she is finally released from the mirror. While sealed in the mirror, she was unable to reveal the existence of Spiegel to Foan, until the heroes arrive with the Ra's Mirror, which allows them to understand her gestures. Her original lover was slain by Spiegel, but he reincarnated in the form of Prince Foan. She is the first to mention the existence of Mortamor to the party.
  • Unda (ディーネ): A mermaid who helped Rod in Pescado, and became separated from her companions. Her older sister Ova (ディーナ) possesses Lorelei's Harp. She falls in love with Rod after saving him from drowning at sea.
  • Rod (ロブ): A fisherman who lives in Pescado. He sustained life-threatening injury while trying to fish in a storm, and was healed by Unda. He regularly buys fish from the store to feed Unda, and is worried what the other villagers might do if they find her. Upon being discovered by the party, he asks the party to return Unda to the mermaid's home so that she may be reunited with her siblings and live without fear of being found by humans. Afterwards, his injuries healed, he visits the area by boat to meet with Unda again.
  • Gerda (Yurina) (ユリナ): A snow fairy who lives in a small shrine north of Mt. Snowhere. She helped young Colburn of Mount Snow, but he broke his promise, so she froze the village into ice.
  • Coblle (コブレ): A blacksmith who lives in Turnscote. He is famed for the strength of his arms. He left his wife and daughter behind so that he could see the Legendary Sword; but he never returned. His last writings can be found at a certain place on the seabed, although he himself plays no role in the plot.
  • Welda (Sarii) (サリイ): Daughter of Cobble. It is said that she is even more talented than her father. She hates the Legendary Sword which caused her father's disappearance, and so has renounced the blacksmith's art. But she makes an exception for the Hero, believing that he will use the Sword against the Dread Fiends.
  • Seymour Sass (カルバン・ジャンポルテ): A wealthy man interested in "beautiful things"; he sponsors the "Best Dresser Contest".
  • Poseidon (ポセイドン): Ruler of the sea, who lives in Poseidon's Palace. He asks the party to defeat Gracos, who seeks to seize control of the sea from him.
  • Isnomore (ブボール): Elder of Sorceria, her physical form was destroyed when the island was sunk by Gracos. Along with her citizens, she now dwells in the Upper World, and passes the ultimate magic on to Ashlynn once the party meets with her.
  • Max Wynne (クラーク・エンデ): The aged blacksmith of Dullerton. One day, he suddenly disappeared from Dullerton, and was taken to the Dread Realm. There, he fell into the same pit of despair that afflicted so many before him, and cast aside any hope of escape. Through the actions of the party, he bolsters the spirits of his fellow prisoners.
  • Erdrick (トンヌラ): A former farmer. He was held in the Gallows Moor, and becomes the leader of the rebel army after the Hero arrives.
  • Sledge (スラッジ): Owner of the Slimopolis. He loves all Slimes, and seeks to make them stronger. He is currently raising a pair of Slimes named "Hammer" (チャンプ) and "Goober" (ルーキー).
  • Morgan Gainmore (モルガン): Owner of a large mansion in Greedmore Valley, he symbolizes the greed and avarice of the town, choosing to sell people's souls to Mortamor for his own financial gain.


  • Mortamor (デスタムーア): The Archfiend, who lives in the Upper Realm he created. The final boss of the game, he seeks to rule both the Lower World and the Upper World, and has given substance to the latter. He has ordered his lieutenants to seal away places which pose a threat threat to his ambitions, such as Alltrades Abbey and Sorceria. He has three forms: an elderly man, a large, muscular humanoid beast, and a disembodied head and pair of hands which can move independently.
  • Murdaw (ムドー): One of the four Dread Fiends who was sent by Mortamor to invade the mortal worlds. he destroyed the real-world Alltrades Abbey, and sealed the Upper World version. He defeats the Hero, Carver and Milly at the beginning of the game, erasing their memories and separating their souls from their bodies. He is presented as the final boss for the first part of the story, and is fought in the Upper World and Lower World. In order to mask his whereabouts, he has cursed the King of Somnia to take on his personality and appearance, serving as a distraction in he Upper World.
  • Jamirus (ジャミラス): One of the four Dread Fiends, with the form of a gryphon. It has sealed the Medford's Manor's castle, for Mortamor was fearful of the treasures he possessed. He seeks to lure humans to a supposed "Isle O' Smiles" in the Upper World, which it will rule on behalf of Mortamor. His lair is in the Upper World since the Murdaw of that world is an illusion. He rallies the monsters of that world to serve Mortamor.
  • Gracos (グラコス): One of the four Dread Fiends. A fish-like demon, he dwells in the Seabed Shrine, and has sealed the magic city of Sorceria. Since he has few visitors Undersea, he is found sleeping when the party reaches it. He seems overly talkative, telling the party all about his orders before realizing his mistake. He might be named after the minor Greek sea deity Glaukos.
  • Dhuran (デュラン): One of the four Dread Fiends. He has a human-like appearance, and boasts of his great strength among Mortamor's servants. He has taken residence in Cloudsgate Citadel, sealed it from the Upper World, and surrounded it with a malevolent force to block access to heroes with the Legendary Equipment. He respects superior strength, and will tell the party of the existence of Mortamor after being defeated. He heals the party before attacking them, since they have just fought several boss fights in a row (including Terry).
  • Blackmar (Akbar) (アクバー): The Dread Fiend who is Mortamor's right hand, and rules the Gallows Moor. He plans to marry Sister Anna and implant a demon's soul in her. He does not like Dhuran, and has him executed for his failure to defeat the party. He has imprisoned Benjamin, mistaking him for Isaac. He has two Dragooners as bodyguards.
  • Demon-at-arms (魔王の使い): Subordinate of Mortamor. It is sent to attack Weaver's Peak in the Lower World, and destroy the Hero's body. It is extremely strong at first, but becomes much weaker after the Hero's body and spirit are joined. Although it has the face of a devil, it is in the Undead monster family.
  • Cabot and Belleau (ズイカク and ショウカク): A pair of Mortamor's lackeys. They try to secure the loyalty of Isaac and force him to watch the (false) scene of the execution of his younger brother Benjamin. Their Japanese names reference the aircraft carriers "Zuikaku" (瑞鶴) and "Shoukaku" (翔鶴) of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • Spiegel (ミラルゴ): An evil wizard who lives in a tower in the desert. He seems to have been human in the past. He fell in love with princess Miralda, and imprisoned her in a mirror when she refused to return his advances. It is not stated if he has any connection to Mortamor.
  • Nokturnus (Dark Dream) (ダークドレアム): The "God of destruction and silence", he was summoned by King Grace in an attempt to destroy Mortamor, but he grew angry with the king and destroyed his castle. He is far stronger than Mortamor, and appears at the end of the hidden dungeon. If he sufficiently impressed with the party, he will help the party battle Mortamor.