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"Amor's the name of a town in an ancient an' faraway land famed for the purity of its waters, by the way.
But don't worry - this ain't that red stuff they had over there for a while, this is the real McCoy!

Torneko, when he appraises amor seco essence in DQIV (DS, Mobile)

Amor (アモール Amoru) is a town in the Dragon Quest series that appears in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

Located beside a river and waterfall, it is home to the eponymous essence that boasts exceptional curative properties and is the only town that sells it.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Around town, a story is heard about two thieves named Evgenya and Ilya who went to plunder the northern cave years ago but Ilya never returned. At the church The Hero, Carver and Milly met Evgenya who is now old and she asks if they would like to rest. Upon the party waking up in Amor's past, the town's water began to turn blood red and the townspeople blame Evgenya and Ilya who went to the cave. Upon arriving they found Evgenya trying to wash blood off her sword that won't come off and Ilya is nowhere to be found. Further into the cave they found an injured Ilya fighting a monster. After rescuing him he is reunited with Evgenya and they properly thank and reward the party before leaving. After returning to town to rest again, the party woke up in the present where Ilya comes to visit Evgenya. After talking to them again they are rewarded with the Mirror Key.


Amor seco essence
ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png Amor Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Medicinal herb.png Medicinal herb8This healing herb restores a little of one party member's HP
ICON-Moonwort bulb.png Moonwort bulb30Cures paralysis
ICON-Amor seco essence.png Amor seco essence120Restores 60-70 HP
ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Iron claw.png Iron claw700Attack +21/Style +15
ICON-Chain sickle.png Chain sickle1,100Attack +27/Style +13
ICON-Chain whip.png Chain whip1,200Attack +28/Style +18
ICON-Edged boomerang.png Edged boomerang1,500Attack +25/Style +19
ICON-Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer1,800Attack +30/Style +6
ICON-Steel broadsword.png Steel broadsword2,000Attack +33/Style +16
ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png Armor Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Bronze armour.png Bronze armour700Defense +21/Style +12
ICON-Iron cuirass.png Iron cuirass1,000Defense +23/Style +4
ICON-Iron armour.png Iron armour1,200Defense +25/Style +19
ICON-Iron shield.png Iron shield720Defense +16/Style +12
ICON-Fur hood.png Fur hood400Defense +11/Style +13
ICON-Iron helmet.png Iron helmet1,100Defense +16/Style +15


Price per person
30 gold coins (Lower World)
2 gold coins (Upper World)


(Lower World)[edit]

(Upper World)[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]

(Lower World)[edit]

(Upper World)[edit]

Vocation Level Cap[edit]

Party members can Grind to increase their Vocation as long as they are at the specified level or lower.

(Upper World)[edit]

Nintendo DS version Cell phone version
7 17

(Lower World)[edit]

Nintendo DS version Cell phone version
16 26

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