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Howsworth is a town in Dragon Quest VI.

Shop & Services[edit]

ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png Item Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Medicinal herb.png Medicinal herb8?
ICON-Holy water.png Holy water20?
ICON-Stone axe.png Stone axe550Attack +19/Style +4
ICON-Fur cape.png Fur cape550Defense +18/Style +18
ICON-Tortoise shell.png Tortoise shell2,500Defense +33/Style -15
ICON-Fur hood.png Fur hood400Defense +11/Style +13


Price per person
10 gold coins

Other notable attribute[edit]

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.


Nearby monsters[edit]

Vocation Level Cap[edit]

Party members can Grind to increase their vocation as long as they are at the specified level or lower.

Nintendo DS version Cell phone version
27 37

Map & Gallery[edit]