Stone axe

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Stone axe
Kana いしのオノ
Old localizations Rock axe
Stone axe
Found in Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Buy for various, see article
Sell for various, see article
Effect None

The stone axe is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series. It is a primitive tool straight out of the paleolithic era, and typically the first axe made available to players.


Dragon Quest V[edit]

The stone axe has an attack bonus of +20.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The stone axe has an attack bonus of +19 and a style bonus of +4. It can be equipped by Kiefer, Ruff, and Aishe and is one of the first weapons Ruff can equip that doesn't decrease his attack. Stone axes can be purchased at Frobisher for 810 gold and sold for 405. They can also be won as prizes from the Lucky Panel at the Casino.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The stone axe has an attack bonus of +20.

Recipe: Stone hardhat + Cypress stick

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Dragon Quest Builders[edit]

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

The stone axe is one of several weapons that are exclusively used by Malroth, it boosts his attack by +24. It can be crafted from 3 units of stone, 1 unit of wood, and 1 unit of cord at an anvil.