Sluggernaut (Recruit)

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The Sluggernaut can join the party in the original version of Dragon Quest VI. It requires the player to reach rank 3 of the Monster Master vocation to recruit.

Names: Tunsun, Mikarin, Oshi, Yoshiro


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 2 99
HP 64 750
MP 0 780
Strength 60 280
Agility 42 350
Resilience 40 250
Wisdom 35 200
Style 21 40
Recruit rate 1/4 -> 1/128 -> 1/256
Initial gear None

Flame breath 0%
Ice breath 0%
Frizz 0%
Sizz 0%
Bang 25%
Woosh 0%
Crack 0%
Zap 25%
Strike/Rock 60%
Troop 0%
Death 50%
Kamikazee 0%
Paralysis 15%
Poof 80%
Dazzle 15%
Snooze 0%
Drain Magic 100%
Fizzle 100%
Fuddle 15%
Sap 0%
Poison 0%
Ban Dance 15%
Stun 0%


Name MP Level Target Description
Sultry Dance 0 2 One group An infectious step that woos the enemy into tripping the light fantastic
Weird Dance 0 2 One group Lowers the enemy's MP
Fuddle Dance 0 5 One group A befuddling boogie that confuses enemies
Tap Dance 0 10 One enemy A rhythmic wriggle that steals MP
Death Dance 0 15 One group A macabre dance that sends enemies to the hereafter
Ban Dance 0 20 One group A preventive jig that prohibits the enemy from dancing
Kerplunk Dance 0 23 Self/all allies A self-sacrificial step that resurrects all allies
Song of Salvation 20 27 All allies A splendiferous song that resurrects fallen allies


  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Accessories
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Poison Needle Attack +1
Cypress Stick Attack +2
Bamboo Spear Attack +5
Oaken Club Attack +9
Giant Mallet Attack +10
Bronze Knife Attack +12
Copper Sword Attack +13
Thorn Whip Attack +18
Stone Axe Attack +19
Iron Staff Attack +22
Poison Moth Knife Attack +24
Chain Sickle Attack +27
Sledgehammer Attack +30
Steel Broadsword Attack +33
Cautery Sword Attack+42
Magma Staff Attack +63
Spiked Steel Whip Attack +65
Dream Blade Attack +65
Staff of Resurrection Attack +66
Falcon Blade Attack +67
Siren Sword Attack +70
Massacre Sword Attack +95
Dragonsbane Attack +95
Demon Spear Attack +99
Miracle Sword Attack +100
Blizzard Blade Attack +105
Great Bow Attack +110
Hela's Hammer Attack +115
Metal King Sword Attack +130
Orichalcum Fangs Attack +135
Gringham Whip Attack +145
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Pointy Hat Defense +3
Leather Hat Defense+4
Hardwood Headwear Defense +6
Iron Helmet Defense +16
Iron Mask Defense +25
Platinum Headgear Defense +38
Helm of Max Wynne Defense +55
Metal King Helm Defense +70
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain Clothes Defense+4
Wayfarer's Clothes Defense+7
Silk Tuxedo Defense+10
Leather Armour Defense+11
Leather Kilt Defense+12
Boxer Shorts Defense+15
Scale Armour Defense+15
Fur Cape Defense+18
Bronze Armour Defense+21
Iron Cuirass Defense+23
Cloak of Evasion Defense+24
Iron Armour Defense+25
Full Plate Armour Defense+30
Silver Cuirass Defense+36
Silver Mail Defense+43
Heavy Armour Defense+50
Magic Armour Defense+50
Spiked Armour Defense+55
Dragon Mail Defense+60
Platinum Mail Defense+66
Flame Armour Defense+70
Sacred Armour Defense+75
Armour of Max Wynne Defense+90
Gigant Armour Defense+92
Mirror Armour Defense+95
Metal King Armour Defense+115
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Pot Lid Defense+2
Leather Shield Defense+4
Scale Shield Defense+7
Bronze Shield Defense+11
Iron Shield Defense+16
Magic Shield Defense+20
Platinum Shield Defense+25
Ogre Shield Defense+48
Silver Shield Defense+55
Shield of Max Wynne Defense+60
Ruinous Shield Defense+62
Metal King Shield Defense+70
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Bow Tie Defense+2
Gold Ring Defense+5
Prayer Ring Defense+5
Trailblazing Bandana Defense+5
Kerplunk Bracer Defense+10
Meteorite Bracer Agilityx2
Kamikaze Bracer Style+10
Pink Pearl Style+40