Dragon Quest VI on Electone

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Dragon Quest VI The Phantom World on Electone
Dragon Quest VI The Phantom World on Electone cover
Soundtrack by Yasuyuki Kasori, Yuri Hiranuma
Released April 21, 1996
Genre Video game music
CD info 1 CD, 16 tracks
Label Sony Records
Producer Kōichi Sugiyama
Soundtrack chronology
Dragon Quest V on Electone

'Dragon Quest VI on Electone (full name: Dragon Quest VI The Phantom World on Electone (ドラゴンクエスト VI 幻の大地」 オン・エレクトーン)) is an electone arraignment of the soundtrack of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation. Dragon Quest VI on Electone was released in April 21, 1996. It is only available in Japan.


"Overture" is the intro music. "At the Palace" is the castle theme, "In the Town" is the town theme, and "Folk Dance" plays when there is a celebration. "Happy Humming" is the casino theme, "Inviting Village" plays in a town full of suspense, "Melancholy" plays in many depressed towns, mainly in Mortamor's world. "Saint's Wreath" plays in Soceria. "Through the Fields" is the overworld theme. "The Saint" is the church theme. "Ocean Waves" and "Flying Bed" is the ocean theme and the flying theme respectively. "Pegasus" plays when you ride Peggy Sue. "Brave Flight" is the monster theme, and it also has the final Murdaw fight theme mixed in it. "Devil's Tower" is the tower theme and "Satan's Castle" is the last overworld theme. "Eternal Lullaby" is the music of the credits.

Track listing[edit]

# Track name Japanese name Length
1 "Overture" 序曲のマーチ 2:02
2 "At the Palace"[1] 王宮にて 2:23
3 "In the Town ~ Folk Dance" 木洩れ日の中で~フォークダンス 1:47
4 "Happy Humming" ハッピーハミング 1:41
5 "Inviting Village" ぬくもりの里に 2:50
6 "Through the Fields" さすらいのテーマ 1:53
7 "Saint's Wreath" 精霊の冠 3:00
8 "Flying Bed" 空飛ぶベッド 2:28
9 "Ocean Waves" エーゲ海に船出して 1:34
10 "Devil's Tower" 迷いの塔 1:17
11 "Satan's Castle" ムドーの城 4:11
12 "Melancholy" 哀しみのとき 4:49
13 "Ocarina ~ The Saint" 奇蹟のオカリナ~神に祈りを 2:52
14 "Pegasus" ペガサス 2:38
15 "Brave Flight"[2] 勇気ある戦い~敢然と立ち向かう 4:06
16 "Eternal Lullaby" 時の子守唄 3:19

  1. Also known as "Castle" in other soundtracks
  2. Also known as "Courageous Fight" and "Brave Fight" in other soundtracks

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