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GreatLog is a location in Dragon Quest Monsters 2 that is also referenced by name in Dragon Quest Monsters as being a rival of the kingdom of GreatTree. It consists of a giant tree and the surrounding areas.

A Kingdom in Danger[edit]

GreatLog is the land in which the two heroes, Cobi and Tara, live. The majority of the story is spent trying to find the plug for GreatLog's navel, as without one, GreatLog will eventually sink because the plug was lost during a fight between Prince Kameha and Cobi/Tara. Warubou then sits in the hole until a suitable plug can be found.

Monster Farm[edit]

The farm Cobi and Tara's family runs lies south of the tree that makes up the main part of GreatLog. The main character's sibling handles the farm, allowing monsters to be picked up, stored and released. Up to 30 monsters can stay on the farm when it reaches its largest size. Next to the farm, the siblings' father and an MadGopher will eventually build a stable, in which a Toadstool will allow an additional 30 monsters to be put to sleep.

Starry Shrine[edit]

Professor Monster can be found in the Starry Shrine. He allows Cobi or Tara to breed and hatch monsters. The shrine is also home to the Egg Evaluator who can identify and change an unhatched egg's sex.


Three shops open in GreatLog throughout the course of Cobi or Tara's adventure. The first one opens after the Hero runs the first errand for their mother after completing Desert World. The second shop opens after Ice World, and the third after defeating Darck in Limbo World.

Item Shop #1[edit]

Name Price Effect
Antidote 4G Cures Poisoned status.
BeefJerky 10G Reduces ally's wild stat by 5. Makes enemies like you a little bit.
Bookmark 50G Allows the game to be saved anywhere.
D-Scale 20G +5 Defense.
Herb 10G Restores 30-40 HP.
LoveWater 50G Restores 60-70 HP.
PorkChop 40G Reduces ally's wild stat by 10. Makes enemies like you a bit.
WarpWing 25G Warps you to GreatLog.

Item Shop #2[edit]

Name Price Effect
AwakeSand 20G Awakens a sleeping monster.
Bookmark 50G Allows the game to be saved anywhere.
Laurel 20G Cures Cursed status.
LogTwig 50G Moves the Magic Door shrine to current location.
MoonHerb 20G Cures Paralysis.
Potion 200G Restores 20-30 MP.
Rib 200G Reduces ally's wild stat by 20. Makes enemies like you quite a bit.
SkyBell 20G Cures Confusion.
WorldDew 500G Completely heals party.

Item Shop #3[edit]

Name Price Effect
BeastTail 800G Shows which monsters in a battle you have already obtained.
Bolt Staff 3000G Inflicts 35-50 Thunder-based damage on all enemies.
ElfWater 2000G Completely restores a monster's HP.
Friend Staff 800G Casts TwinHits on one party member.
GoldPass 20000G Grants a 10 percent discount in item shops
Mist Staff 700G Traps enemy spells.
ShinyHarp 1000G Summons monsters to battle.
Sirloin 1000G Reduces ally's wild stat by 100. Makes enemies like you a lot.
Wind Staff 1500G Casts Infernos on all enemies.
WorldLeaf 1000G Revives a dead monster.


North of the shops is the vault. Money and items can be stored in the vault.


In the arena, Cobi or Tara can battle other Monster Masters. Only the first available battle, the Kid Club, is required in order to progress the story. The prize is the Pirate Key. The Challenge Battles that unlock after completing the Kid Club award Magic Keys, which, when identified, can be used to visit Magic Key Worlds.

Medal Master[edit]

The Medal Master offers eggs in exchange for TinyMedals. The Darck egg is only available after Darck has been defeated.


Monster Price
Darck 10 Medals
HornBeast 4 Medals
MadCat 3 Medals
MeteOrb 3 Medals
Octogon 5 Medals
Servant 5 Medals
SkyDragon 4 Medals


The library contains books that hold information Cobi or Tara may find useful (including certain breeding recipes). They can access a list of monsters they have befriended in the past by speaking with the librarian over the counter.

Key Shop[edit]

Magic Keys can be appraised here, allowing them to connect to Magic Key Worlds.


Above the Key Shop is a person who will rename monsters in the party free of charge.


Various Monster Masters spend time at the pub. Some may be interested in breeding their monsters.

Rare Key Man[edit]

Located next to Pub is the home of a man who collects rare keys. He may give Cobi or Tara hidden keys if they impress him.

Magic Door[edit]

At the bottom of the well is a magic door that connects GreatLog to all the other worlds by using the proper keys.

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