Magic Key World

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Magic Key Worlds are randomly generated worlds accessed by a Magic Key in Dragon Quest Monsters 2. When a Magic key is obtained, it's destination is unknown. The Key Appraiser in the Key Shop in GreatLog can identify them, giving them a name. The first part of the name indicates how rare the monsters encountered in the Magic Key World will be. From least to most rare, the names are Ylw, Plain, Green, Blue, First, Red, White, Quiet, Black, Gaudy, Silvr, Dream, Misty, Secrt, Shiny, and Last. The second part of the name indicates what sorts of monsters can be found there. Each world contains monsters from one or two monster families. Worlds containing a single monster family are rarer than two-family worlds.

Magic Key Worlds have several different landmasses, each of which has a boss. The bosses of individual islands are found in shrines, with a stronger boss residing in a castle. Monsters cannot be recruited on an island until that island's boss has been defeated, and none of the boss monsters can be recruited. None of the ??? family can be recruited. Towns and additional dungeons appear in the worlds, as well, with the dungeons usually having new Magic keys or accessories at the end.

Key Names[edit]

Name Monster Family
Slime Slime family
Draco Dragon family
Beast Beast family
Bird Bird family
Tree Plant family
Bug Bug family
Devil Devil family
Death Zombie family
Thing Material family
Water Water family
Lord ??? family
Cave Slime and Dragon family
Isle Slime and Beast family
Torch Slime and Bird family
Gardn Slime and Plant family
Pit Slime and Bug family
Bsmt. Slime and Devil family
Jail Slime and Zombie family
Magma Slime and Material family
Sea Slime and Water family
Field Dragon and Beast family
Tower Dragon and Bird family
Mine Dragon and Plant family
Hill Dragon and Bug family
Cstle Dragon and Devil family
Mount Dragon and Zombie family
Desrt Dragon and Material family
Lake Dragon and Water family
Jungl Beast and Bird family
Haven Beast and Plant family
Grass Beast and Bug family
Forst Beast and Devil family
Grave Beast and Zombie family
Crag Beast and Material family
Shore Beast and Water family
Log Bird and Plant family
Sky Bird and Bug family
Mtn. Bird and Devil family
View Bird and Zombie family
Cliff Bird and Material family
Islet Bird and Water family
Land Plant and Bug family
Grove Plant and Devil family
Swamp Plant and Zombie family
Manor Plant and Material family
Depth Plant and Water family
Hole Bug and Devil family
Tomb Bug and Zombie family
Soil Bug and Material family
Pond Bug and Water family
Hell Devil and Zombie family
Moon Devil and Material family
Ocean Devil and Water family
Gulch Zombie and Material family
River Zombie and Water family
Star Material and Water family