List of items in Dragon Quest Monsters 2

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Regular Items[edit]

Name Effect
AGLseed Raises Agility 1-3 points.
Antidote Cures Poisoned status
ATKseed Raises Attack 1-3 points.
AwakeSand Awakens a sleeping monster.
BeastTail Shows which monsters in a battle you have already obtained.
BeNice Book Makes the monster more considerate.
Bookmark Allows the game to be saved anywhere.
Cheater Book Makes the monster more wily.
Comedy Book Makes the monster more foolish.
DEFseed Raises Defence 1-3 points.
ElfWater Completely restores a monster's HP.
ExitBell Transports your party outside a dungeon.
GoldPass Grants a 10 percent discount in item shops.
Herb Restores 30-40 HP.
Horror Book Makes the monster more cowardly.
INTseed Raises Intelligence 1-3 points.
Laurel Cures Cursed status.
LifeAcorn Raise maximum HP 1-5 points.
LogTwig Moves the Magic Door shrine to current location.
LoveWater Restores 60-70 HP.
MoonHerb Cures Paralysis.
MysticNut Raises maximum MP 1-5 points.
Potion Restores 20-30 MP.
Quest Book Makes the monster braver.
Repellent Repels monsters.
SageStone Restores 60-70 HP to entire party. Can be used several times before breaking.
ShinyHarp Summons monsters to battle.
SkyBell Cures Confusion.
Smart Book Makes the monster smarter.
TinyMedal Trade for rare eggs.
Warp Staff Warps you to the Magic Door shrine.
WarpWing Warps you to GreatLog.
WorldDew Completely heals party.
WorldLeaf Revives a dead monster.


Name Effect
BadMeat Reduces ally's wild stat by 5, but causes poison. Makes enemies slightly more like to join and can poison them.
BeefJerky Reduces ally's wild stat by 5. Makes enemies like you a little bit.
PorkChop Reduces ally's wild stat by 10. Makes enemies like you a bit.
MeteOrb Guarantees enemy monster will join.
Rib Reduces ally's wild stat by 20. Makes enemies like you quite a bit.
Sirloin Reduces ally's wild stat by 100. Makes enemies like you a lot.


Name Effect
Bolt Staff Inflicts 35-50 Thunder-based damage on all enemies.
Fire Staff Casts Blazemost on one enemy.
Friend Staff Casts TwinHits on one party member.
Mist Staff Traps enemy spells.
Snow Staff Casts Blizzard on all enemies.
Wind Staff Casts Infernos on all enemies.


Name Effect
AGL Bracelet +10 Agility.
BraveCape Protects against spells that seal spells and skills.
Cleric Ring Increases Intelligence growth.
Divine Ring Restores 1 HP per step.
D-Scale +5 Defense.
DracoCape Increases fire and ice resistance
DrakScale +50 Defense.
Fight Ring Increases Attack growth.
GoldCape Increase resistance to status conditions.
Life Ring Restores 1 MP per step.
Mage Ring Increases MP growth.
MagicBelt +30 maximum MP.
MagicCape Increases resistance to Bang, Blaze, Bolt, Firebal, IceBolt, and Infernos.
MermScale +10 Defense.
OddBelt +80 maximum MP.
OrcaCape Increases water resistance.
PltnmCape Increases resistance to Curse, Paralysis, and death spells and skills.
Sailor Ring Increases Defence growth.
SilvrCape Increases resistance to Confusion, Poison, and Sleep spells and skills.
Smart Hat +50 Intelligence.
Starry Bracelet +50 Agility.
SteelFang +50 Attack.
StoneFang +10 Attack.
Thief Ring Increases Agility growth.
VITBelt +30 maximum HP.
War Ring Increases HP growth.
Wise Hat +100 Intelligence.

Key Items[edit]

Name Effect
Change Staff Turns the user into a monster.
Crest Proves you are working with the Spirit in Ice World.
HarMirror Grants ability to break certain rocks.
Heaven Armor One of three items needed to reach Monster King's Castle.
Heaven Helmet One of three items needed to reach Monster King's Castle.
Heaven Sword One of three items needed to reach Monster King's Castle.
Ice Key Travel to Ice World.
Limbo Key Travel to Limbo World.
Magic Key Travel to a Magic Key World.
MoonRock Raises water level, allowing access to Volcano Cave.
Oasis Key Travel to Desert World.
Pirate Key Travel to Sea World.
Sky Key Travel to Sky World.
SkyShield Grants ability to fly over pits.
SleepHerb Frees the queen of Estria from her nightmares.
TidalBell Grants ability to surf.
WaterCall Allows access to Mirage Lake.
YunaSoul Yuna's missing spirit.