Monster munchies

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Monster munchies
DQV Monster Munchies.png
Old localizations Monster bait
Found in Dragon Quest V
Buy for 200 gold
Sell for 150 gold
Effect Keeps monsters busy eating instead of fighting.

Monster munchies are a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. True to it's name, the bundle of meat is for feeding to monsters to either distract them in battle or improve their temperament.


Dragon Quest V[edit]


Monster munchies are treats for enemies and can also be used to distract enemies in battle. On the field, it can also be used to increase the frequency of Random Encounters.


Monster munchies can be in:

They can also be purchased for 200 gold coins (and sold for 150) at Zoomingale.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Originally called BeefJerky, the Monster munchies are key item in Dragon Quest VII.


Having the item in possession allows for monster recruitment even when a Monster masher is not in the party.


Monster munchies are available in the office of the Monster Meadows.


In the original Sony PlayStation port, Nottagen had to be saved for the obtaining of this item, while the Nintendo 3DS port makes the M.M. office accessible through a teleportal from The Haven.

Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & 2[edit]

Monster munchies return to being store-bought, common items, but are much more handy than before.


Throwing a bag of meat at an enemy monster will greatly improve it's attitude towards the player, and several servings can be used in a single battle for a nearly 100% chance to recruit even metal monsters.


Hurl some to a hungry enemy to distract them so they miss their chance to strike![1]
Hurl some to a hungry foe to make them miss their chance to strike!.[2]
Just carrying these tasty treats seems to have some kind of effect...[3]

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