Kingdom of Trodain

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The Kingdom of Trodain is an important area in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

It is the home of King Trode, Princess Medea, as well as the Hero and Munchie.


Hilltop Hut[edit]

See main article: Hilltop Hut[1]

Trodain Castle[edit]

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West Trodain Chruch[edit]

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Infamous monsters[edit]


Item Location
Seed of defence Requires Magic Key to open.
Sledgehammer Requires Thief's Key to open.
Fresh milk Cow seen before the tunnel to West Trodain Church and Trodain Castle.
Seed of magic Cliff near Potbelly, requires Thief's Key to open.
Fresh milk (2) Cows near West Trodain Church.
630 gold coins Requires Thief's Key to open.
Lesser panacea Left to the fallen bridge, requires Magic Key to open.



  1. Resuming from an autosave refers to the outside as the Kingdom of Trodain.