Rosalind Albert

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Rosalind Albert
Dragon Quest VIII
Rosalind sitting.jpg
Japanese name アローザ・アルバート
Romaji Arosa Arubāto
Title Lady
Race Human
Family Alistair (son†)
Jessica (daughter)
The Hero (potential son-in-law)
Voice actor Yuko Izumi (Japanese)

Rosalind Albert is a minor character in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. The mother of Alistair and Jessica, she is the head of the Albert manor in the village of Alexandria.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Rosalind dresses more conservatively than her daughter, wearing a lavender turtleneck blouse and a vermilion dress. She has a short cape fastened with a blue brooch with matching earrings for accessories. Rosalind's red hair and bustline were inherited by Jessica.

Rosalind is normally a composed and well-mannered woman, but she is every bit as stubborn as her daughter and has become anguished over the murder of her son. Rosalind is vehemently confrontational over Jessica's desire to seek out the criminal and avenger her brother's death, not wanting her daughter in harm's way and unable to bear the thought of losing her. Being a woman of high social standing who married into the Albert legacy, she takes tradition very seriously and attempts to arrange a marriage between Jessica and Lorenzo, the son of the Argonian minister to insure a stable future for her daughter. Though she means well, this inflexibility and controlling attitude caused considerable friction with Jessica even before both were put on edge by Alistair's death.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

The player is first introduced to Rosalind via a cutscene that takes place after encountering Jessica at Tower of Alexandria. Rosalind and Jessica are in a heated argument over the latter wanting to track down Alistair's killer and bring him to justice herself, and Rosalind accusing her of caring nothing for her late brother and acting irresponsibly. The tensions boil over and, unable to force her daughter to see her point of view, Rosalind lashes out and states that she no longer has a daughter as far as she is concerned and that Jessica is to leave the mansion at once. Jessica states that she was planning on staying gone until her mother came to her senses anyway, and storms out while Rosalind smolders in her chair.

Rosalind can be spoken to at any time after this, becoming regretful over her actions as she spends more time apart from her daughter. By the end of the game, Rosalind and Jessica make amends as she is welcomed back into the Albert mansion.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Rosalind and one of her maids appear at Chateau Felix, having received a letter written by an uncharacteristically homesick Jessica asking to meet her there. When Rosalind arrived, she was greeted by a docile, demure, and graceful Jessica instead of the hotheaded spitfire she raised. Knowing something is deeply wrong but uncertain of how the restore her daughter, Rosalind tells the Luminary of certain personality changing books that might be able to help. Promising the Hero a reward for his assistance, she waits patiently for him to return with a tome.

The player can have fun giving Jessica different personalities via the books, with each new personality netting a distinct disapproval from the older woman. The right book to use is the The Girl's Own Annual, which sets Jessica back to being a tomboy and leads her to immediately accuse her mother of being at the chateau to try and stop her revenge binge. Overjoyed her bullheaded daughter is back, Rosalind thanks the Luminary with a Goddess Whip and states that she will remain at the chateau to spend time with Jessica.