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Princess Minnie
Dragon Quest VIII
DQVIII Minnie.png
Japanese name メダル王女
Romaji Medaru Ōjo
Title Princess
Race Human

"Well, hello! I'm Minnie, Princess of Medals, you know! I collect mini medals from all over the world."

Princess Minnie is a character in ''Dragon Quest VIII. She's filling in as the Mini medal collector in lieu of her father, who has recently taken ill.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Princess Minnie has blue eyes and curly blonde hair, which appears darker brown and more tame on her character model. Her outfit is somewhat similar to that of a nun or a priest. She wears a long white dress, which is separated into hot pink at the skirt by pink drapes that connect by Mini medal buttons. The top is sleeveless, but she does wear white sleeves that start at her upper arms, and her chest is covered by a white capelet. Her headdress covers the sides and top of her head and is connected to a white veil that is pink on the underside. Her waist, upper arms, and wrists are all cinched with golden bands, she dons a golden pendant, and including her headdress they all sport a gold design imitating mini medals. She wears white tights and pink mary janes, and carries a brown and gold mini medal staff.

Princess Minnie is kind-hearted and friendly, and cares deeply for her father. When he falls ill she immediately takes responsibility for his work and states she is delighted to uphold her royal duty. She generally speaks using the royal we, referring to herself as "one" instead of "I" or "me." She is a genuine young woman, who greets the Hero and party to the castle with a chipper attitude.


After her father, the Medal King, falls ill and can barely speak, Princess Minnie takes up his quest to collect all of the lost Mini medals in the world. She can be found at Princess Minnie's Castle on an Unnamed Isle between the two eastern continents. Upon meeting the Hero, she enlists the party to help find all of the missing medals in the world, rewarding them with valuable items in return.