Marta's Cottage

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Marta's Cottage is a location in Dragon Quest VIII. It's the home of an old woman named Marta (Japanese: Meddy), and her dog, Boris.


Warning: Spoilers
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After The Hero and his party are first traveling in Blizzard Peaks, they get caught up in an avalanche, and are shortly taken to a cottage by Boris due to Trode and Medea (who were going ahead of the party). They make their departure to give her son Marek a bag as he lives further off in Orkutsk.

The party after finding and helping Marek in the Herb Grotto, returns to the cottage later upon discovering Marta is one of the descendants of the Seven Sages. Upon their return, they discover that she is already hiding in a cave behind her house as Sir Leopold sent Hellhounds after her.

Notable attribute[edit]

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.


A Warm Coat is Good to Find[edit]

'A red robe can be made by dying a sage's robe with a pigment made from a certain red grass and enchanted water.

'The finished crimson-coloured robe will protect its wearer from even the fiercest of the blizzards.'

The Later Lives of the Sages[edit]

'After the battle with the Lord of Darkness, one of the Seven Sages, the great and learned Kadan, headed back to his home in the snowy country.

'It is said that he spent his later years recounting and recording the tale of the great battle for the sake of his descendants.

'If any of the materials Kadan prepared could be recovered, they would represent a historical find of epic proportions.'



Nearby monsters[edit]


Several changes are made in the Nintendo 3DS Version of the game:

  • The mini medals that were originally missable due to story events show up on the ground in the remake.
  • A new prize for beating the Lord of the Dragovians is a training dungeon called Memories Lane which is accessible from the ruins in the cave.