Memories Lane

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Memories Lane is a new dungeon in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. It can be unlocked as a prize by the Lord of the Dragovians after completing one of the Dragovian Trials. It can be reached by visiting the special chamber located behind Marta's Cottage.


The dungeon contains 15 chambers spread between four hallways, each with a boss encounter that the party has fought before, but this time they are much more powerful, requiring the party to be at the highest level and equipped with the strongest equipment. At the end of each hallway, there are tablets which restore the party's HP and MP completely. There are also shortcut hallways that are unlocked after the 6th and 14th bosses are defeated. This eventually culminates in a chamber containing Estark, the ultimate evil.


After defeating most of the bosses, the party will be rewarded to a room containing treasure chests, two regular and one purple. Purple chests contain a random attribute-boosting seed and get replenished each day.


Metal slimes can be encountered in the shortcut hallways if Yangus's Whistle is used. The shortcuts are unlocked after defeating both the 6th and 14th boss.


After defeating a boss, the player can challenge each boss again if they so choose by leaving Memories Lane and returning. Each boss is guaranteed to drop an attribute-boosting seed after defeating them.