Godbird sceptre

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Godbird Sceptre
Japanese 神鳥の杖
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Old localizations N/A
Found in Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest XI S
Dragon Quest Rivals
Effect Destroys the barrier protecting Rhapthorne.
Inflicts an enemy with Fizzle when attacking (DQXI S).

The Godbird Sceptre, also known as the Sceptre of Trodain and Rhapthorne's Sceptre, is an essential item in Dragon Quest VIII and a powerful wand in Dragon Quest XI.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

When Rhapthorne battled against the Seven Sages in the distant past and was defeated, Empyrea the Godbird created a sceptre specifically designed to seal away Rhapthorne's soul. Rhapthorne's body was imprisoned inside the the Goddess Statue located at the Neos. The staff was transported to the Castle of Trodain, were it was kept and guarded for many, many years.

But one day a jester named Dhoulmagus, deeply desiring to become the greatest magician of all time, learns about the sceptre from a book his teacher, Master Rylus, kept in his house. He then departs for Castle Trodain, disguising himself as a court jester, to entertain King Trode as a diversion. King Trode then allows Dhoulmagus to stay at the castle, and it is there when Dhoulmagus breaks into the chamber were the sceptre is kept. Dhoulmagus, overwhelmed by the sceptre's sheer power, gets possessed by the spirit of Rhapthorne and curses King Trode, his daughter Princess Medea, and the rest of people in the castle, with the exception of a single guardsman. This chain of events begins the game's plot, and the hunt for Dhoulmagus begins as the jester is used to pick off the descendants of the Seven Sages, starting with his former teacher. Even after Dhoulmagus' death, Rhapthorne is able to possess anyone who touches the staff and continues his killing spree.

Four characters will be taken hold of by Rhapthorne over the course of the adventure, being Dhoulmagus, Jessica Albert, Sir Leopold, and the templar Marcello. Jessica aside, each will murder one of the descendants of those who stood against Rhapthorne:

  • Master Rylus - Descendant of Gozo; killed by Dhoulmagus
  • Alistair Albert - Descendant of Alexander; killed by Dhoulmagus
  • Abbot Francisco - Descendant of Eagus; killed by Dhoulmagus
  • Mr. Golding - Descendant of Golding; killed by Dhoulmagus
  • David - Descendant of Kupas; killed by possessed Sir Leopold, Dominoco's dog
  • Marta - Descendant of Kadan; killed by possessed Sir Leopold
  • The Lord High Priest - Descendant of Regnar; killed by possessed Marcello

Once the sceptre is void of the demon's spirit, Empyrea retrieves it and instructs the protagonists on how to destroy the barrier protecting the revived Rhapthorne. The Godbird breaks up the Sceptre into miniature ones, one for each party member, and each must then use their sceptre in the same turn while Rhapthorne attacks them. Once all four members use the Sceptre, a spirit of one of the Seven Sages is released from the sceptre. Once all Seven Sages are released, the barrier around Rhapthorne will be destroyed and the final fight will begin.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Godbird Sceptre becomes a weapon exclusive to 3DS and Dragon Quest XI S versions. It provides the highest Magical Might stat in the game, and is the reward for completing the third level of the Hall of Rememberance in Tickington.

 Godbird Sceptre
Rarity ★★★★★
(forge buffs)
(+107, +109 ,+112)
Magical Might
(forge buffs)
(+116, +118 ,+120)
Magical Mending
(forge buffs)
(+49, +49, +50)
MP Absorption +16%
Found Clearing Hall of Remembrance - Level 3 in the Echo Chamber.
Equipable by Veronica, Rab
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price N/A
Flavor text This sacred rod can stop enemies from using spells, and is imbued with the spirit of an incredibly evil entity.
Notes 15%, 20%, 25%, & 30% chance to fizzle a foe when striking them
Deals approximately 330 dark damage to one enemy when used as an item

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

The sceptre appears as a two-star card in the game.


  • Marcello shows considerable resistance to Rhapthorne's influence, with the archfiend even stating his gratitude to the party for defeating the templar and making it easier to control him after their battle at Neos. This implies that possession is not automatic and that those with stronger wills and mental fortitude can save themselves from becoming a puppet. This is supported by Dhoulmagus' tenuous grasp on his sanity and Sir Leopold being an animal. Jessica is also controlled by Rhapthrone when she picks up the sceptre after the battle in the Dark Ruins but does not kill the remaining protagonists when given the chance, speaking the loaded sentence "I just don't have it in me" when confronted at Dominico's mansion. Her possession can be attributed to the mental and physical exhaustion after the battle to the death against Dhoulmagus as well as her sense of relief at having (seemingly) avenged the murder of her brother Alistair, and her withdraw from the first encounter with the party being her struggling against the manipulation


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]