Desert (Dragon Quest VIII)

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The Desert is a region that appears in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It is located far to the south on the western continent and is surrounded by rocky mountains. It can be visited as soon as the ship is acquired.

There are a number of wells containing teleportals that can send one to another part of the desert.


Desert Chapel[edit]

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A chapel built as a resting place for travelers crossing the desert. There is an inn and an item shop located inside.

Dragon Graveyard[edit]

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An underground dungeon whose entrance is marked by the immense skeleton of a dragon. The descendants of one of the Seven Sages can journey here to receive the mark of the Golding clan of Baccarat and receive a vision of their ancestor. There is an optional sidequest to accompany either Cash or Carrie as bodyguards to perform a trial. It cannot be entered until the threat at Arcadia is taken care of or the events with a boss at the Holy Isle of Neos.

Mountain Overlooking Desert[edit]

A plateau located in the southern part of the desert that can only be reached from air by using the Godbird's soulstone.[1]


Mountain Overlooking Desert[edit]

Infamous monsters[edit]


Item Location
Dragon dung Treasure chest to far east of desert.
Dragon's scale Treasure chest in southwestern part of desert
Mini medal Treasure chest on mountain overlooking desert, requires Godbird's soulstone.
Ogre shield Treasure chest on mountain overlooking desert, requires Godbird's soulstone.



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