Pirate's Cove

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Pirate's Cove is a dungeon reached by ship in Dragon Quest VIII. The Illuminated sea chart belonging to the former Captain Crow is located here.

The party can arrive in the entrance and get some minor treasures upon getting the ship, but can't go further until obtaining the Ultimate Key.


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After their failure of stopping Sir Leopold at Marta' Cottage, Marta's son Marek suggests that if The Party is to stop the monster, they'll need to be able to take to fly.

With the Ultimate Key in possession and info about a map from Savella Cathedral, The Hero and Party find their way to Pirate's Cove only to find that Red seeks to obtain the treasure as well.

Upon finding their way to the chest, Red attempts to first get the treasure only to be defeated by Captain Crow, though the party fairs better in getting the treasure. Red looses interest in it anyway as it was only a map and takes leave.

Notable attribute[edit]

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

Other treasures[edit]

Available at the entrance with the ship[edit]

Available after progressing in the dungeon with the Ultimate Key[edit]



Warning: Spoilers
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  • Red becomes a party member upon The Party defeating Captain Crow.
  • If Morrie is recruited beforehand, Yangus can be left outside prompting several additional scenes such as:
    • Jessica asking Red why she's in the cave.
    • Yangus running in to check on the party to see if they succeeded with the rest of Red's recruitment playing out the same.


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