Farebury Woods

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Farebury Woods (Though referred to as Wooded Opening[1]) is a location of the Farebury Region and starting point of the Hero and party in Dragon Quest VIII.

It is located by going down the road after the bridge from the Kingdom of Trodain and making the first turn left.


After an expected attack on the castle in the Kingdom of Trodain, The Hero King Trode, Princess Medea and and former bandit Yangus make their way to a normally safe spot in the woods

The party rest up while the Hero's pet mouse, Munchie finds the town of Farebury. Medea seems to have disappeared, but before the party can find her, a rare attack from Slimes slow them down.

The horse princess does,, however,, show up after they defeat said Slimes.

The party make their way to Farebury as the sun sets.



  1. Name is shown to be upon saving and continuing the file in the 3DS version.